Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busy days....

Wow..........busy, busy weekend and I didn't even have time to post yesterday! Nor read any of my I'm playing catch up real quick before I dash off to yet another function.
Yesterday we took grandbaby to see the Nickelodeon show that came to town and did a show outside our local Wegmans. After that we walked across the street to Friendly's Ice Cream Shoppe because it was free ice cream day and you can't really pass up free ice cream on a warm summer day. I had decided before we went that I would pass...but I didn't. The cones were very small (it was free after all) and I succumbed to a chocolate almond scoop. But salad for lunch made up for it nicely. I'm really starting to crave salads lately. After the ice cream shoppe I drove across town to visit an art show that several of my students were putting on. They'd asked me if I'd come...and being the nice art teacher I am *grin* I couldn't say no. From there we stopped to do some grocery shopping and look for some Father's day gifts for hubby and his dad. (I sure miss my own folks on these special days....I lost them both in the same month 10 years ago....)

And.....yesterday was hubby's birthday to boot! So I made up a nice picnic basket with fixings for chicken kabobs and a nice garden salad and headed off to the other homestead where he was working. The weather was incredible - not a cloud in the sky which is very unusual since we live in the Great Lakes region where cloudy days are often the norm. We live just a skip from Lake Ontario.

After we stood in our hole - which is pretty close to being an actual basement now - the sides are up with windows even (!) we rode around in the golf cart for a while to see how big the polliwogs were getting in the pond and admire the new flowers that have been popping up these past few days.
We cooked our meal out back in the outdoor kitchen area and had a campfire. The radio was playing some nice jazz music and the mosquitoes were kind enough to stay away while we were out.

It was a good day! And now we are headed off to the in-laws to officially celebrate hubby's birthday. They're serving steak....and there'll be lots of deserts. Mom-in-law always makes sure of that. I've eaten well all day so hopefully tonight will be okay.

I've posted a few pics, of our other homestead. So you can understand our need to build there...and call that home permanently. (The crazy contraption in pic #6 is our waterslide!) Granbaby is a lucky boy!


CactusFreek said...

The pictures are awesome! Can i build a house there too?? lol
Being arty farty, you could make some amazing little hideaways there! I'm sooo jealous!

Lora said...

I'll bet it's just as beautiful where you live! I've visited your other site and your little town looks so inviting!