Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And the Rains Came Down....

Yesterday I stepped out at noon to get some thank you notes and the storm came full force. What a doozy! It was like a mini hurricane! The stop signs tipped over, mulch was blowing out of the road side gardens and the dust was whipping around so much it looked like a blizzard! It reminded me of the dust storms I saw in Mexico. Then came the rain and lightning. Pretty amazing to see nature in all it's glory.

We really needed the rain. Our lawns were brown and crispy and the poor gardens were struggling. What we didn't need was the wind - which knocked out a power line and left us in the dark from about 5:30 until sometime in the middle of the night. It would've been cozy to light candles and snuggle in while the storm raged on - but the storm had stopped so it was getting warm again. We had closed all our windows earlier in the day to keep the rain out so the house was stuffy when we got home. Who wants to light candles when it's hot? And of course the fans didn't work - and the window AC unit wouldn't work. It was interesting. This morning we had power but there are still 4500 people without.

Anyway - we made dinner in the dark and ate by a lit candle. It wasn't so bad. We couldn't watch the telly so I wasn't tempted to mindlessly snack. No wonder the pioneers were thin. (Of course the heavy labor probably helped a tad too...)

On another note - I think I'm close to making a truce with the scale. I'm getting used to the new number and when it recorded a loss of 1/2 pound I felt like I was moving back in the right direction. I won't say I'm done totally reeling though. But in all fairness - it's the OLD scale that let me down.

Will I ever stop obsessing about this?

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Christine said...

:) Sounds like we are both getting hit by some strange weather these days. I do think that a night with no tv, candle light dinner would have been a good time. As long as you are safe inside - its all good! Take care!