Friday, July 13, 2007

Yesterday was a busy day - doctor's appointment, nail appointment, several trips to the "other" house to monitor construction....(we have 3 walls up! though there's only one up in the picture....the other two went up shortly after that one, and my camera battery died!)) and dinner at mom-in-laws. Even though I told her gently several times to only order me a small sub - she got me a large *sigh* But good girl that I am - I only ate half. And come dessert time - I had a skinny. skinny slice of the watermelon sherbet and one very small chocolate chip cookie.

I still feel bloated today though. I have a nasty summer cold and couldn't walk yesterday. Wednesday night I dropped a 4 foot long iron rod on my foot and thought I broke it! It hurt so friggin' bad that I actually cried for 5 minutes! Like a baby! Who cries at my age over a boo-boo?? But dang it hurt! And I was up most of the night with it throbbing. I was convinced in the morning that I needed x-rays but decided to wait it out since the day was full already. Isn't that just like us women? Always putting ourselves at the end of the to-do list. Anyway - by evening it felt better. It still smarts if I touch the top of it - but I can walk okay now and the bruising is minimal.

Never the less - I didn't dare walk on it yesterday. So today I'll test it out.

Today I got a dose of inspiration by visiting Carmen over at The Elff Diet. She posted a pic of herself and she looks great! It's those "after" pictures that get my juices flowing and tell me -"You can do it!" I've got a wedding coming up in August and that little black dress I've been keeping for inspiration has me feeling intimidated. It's not going to fit me in 4 weeks which truly stinks!

Some days it's so easy to slip into the "well....I'm fat and this is how it's meant to be and this is how it's gonna' be and there's nothing I can do about it anyway so I may as well have a donut...." mentality. Can't do that! That's why the pic of Carmen got me back in the proper mindset. She could've given up but she didn't. And look where it got her! Where I wanna' be! Not ashamed to don a swimsuit or pose for a picture or bump into an old friend from skinnier days. And that's where I'm going. Yep! No matter how long - how far - how many roadblocks or U-turns - I'm going there!

Right now I've got to get off this darn computer (been at it for 2 hours writing a paper) and get my duff walking!

Hey...f you feel a little less than motivated today - check out Carmen's blog and be sure to go back in the archives to see her before pic. I guarantee you'll be inspired to press on!

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*ccc* said...

So hear you about the "I'm fat, why bother?" mindset. Can't tell you how many times I've thought it...and how up until recently, I fell into that trap.

Motivation has been hard to come by lately, but in reading your blog, and so many others there, I'm finding we can all do this. We just have to work hard and keep at it, even when its hard. But we can do it...if we want to.

Hope your foot feels better soon!