Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On Salads and Blueprints....

Well it's raining, raining, raining and I can't walk yet today. We're talking buckets! Which is a good thing because the ground is so crispy and brown that it hurts to walk barefoot on it. Still....couldn't it just rain at night and leave the day alone?

Last night I met a few female relatives at a tavern in the city and we had dinner. It was too hot to eat out on the sidewalk cafe so we opted for indoors (which wasn't much cooler since there was such a strain on the AC) it was 97 degrees as I was getting ready to go! I was a good girl. Sort of. I ordered a salad. It sounded healthy until it arrived. It was called a fajita salad and I didn't realize it came in a taco shell (which of course I ate...starving kids in China and all). And there was sour cream dumped on it which also wasn't listed on the menu. Probably way too many calories and fat - but I'm still proud I got the salad and not the wings and potato skins that the others ordered. The 2 beers weren't so good though. But it was SO hot! I ordered Michelob Ultra lite - no carbs. Hey...I tried.

The place is famous for its wings. At least I did not succumb to that temptation.

Then today I met my old college roommate for lunch. The one who has lost 35 pounds so far. I waited till she ordered and then told the waitress I'd have what she's having! It was a grilled chicken salad with light vinaigrette dressing. It tasted good and considering the place we met at was a hamburger stand - I was proud. No fries or burger which is my mainstay at a place like that.

Of course then I came home and ate 4 Oreo cookies before I even had time to realize what I'd just done. Old habits die hard.

But I still feel more in control. And the interesting thing was - I really wanted to eat salad both days. It wasn't a struggle. There was a time I'd never ever order just a salad. I guess my body is starting to like the rabbit food I've been feeding it and wants more!

Tomorrow we go to mom-in-law's to celebrate a wedding anniversary. (Hubby's family is weird that way - they celebrate every anniversary like a birthday.) I couldn't tell you the date of any of my siblings anniversaries!

Anyway - they've ordered subs for everyone. I told her no oil or mayo for me - and NOT a large pl-ease! Now if I can pass on the chips I may be okay. Summer, as I've said so many times before brings so many challenges to throw us off.

After I finish this post I have to revamp some of the blue print plans for the new addition. The architect made the upstairs bathroom too small and we need to reconfigure to make it larger. Which means making one of the three bedrooms upstairs smaller. It'll only be a guest room so I'm not too concerned. I need my space in the bathroom! I grew up with 4 women and 2 men and one bathroom my whole life! And I raised three daughters with a single full bath. (The downstairs powder room was all but a closet!) Of course it'll just be me and hubby now. And we already will have a full bath downstairs - but upstairs - I want space! I think I've watched too many home improvement shows!

I've included a pic of the blue print - anyone have some suggestions? (The multi-purpose room will actually be two bedrooms...we just haven't ecided how to divide them yet.)

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Christine said...

Good for you on the salads! That's amazing and a great accomplishment!