Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Better Choices.....

I've dusted off the old journal and it's helping already. Somehow when I write it down - I think about it more. I've also been doing a little something different this time. When I've indulged in something - I record the calories. At the end of the day I can see what my splurges have cost me and hopefully make better choices next time. (Normally I don't count calories - just try to make my grains whole, eat lots of veggies and fruit and go lean on butter, oils, etc.)

I don't want to be a Calorie-Nazi. It doesn't work for me. I get too obsessed. Not to say I don't read the side panels on anything that hasn't been packaged by Nature herself. I watch for the fats (trans & saturated) and I check for high fructose corn syrup. If it's in the first 5 ingredients I think twice before I eat it. And I usually opt not to. I make sure the grains are 100% whole wheat. Not only for the health benefits...but it keeps me fuller longer.

This morning I made an omelet and split it with hubby. A couple eggs, a few onions cut up and softened in the microwave, a dollop of spinach and a small handful of feta cheese. I used cooking spray in the pan and it was great! I felt so full and satisfied all morning and well into the afternoon.

I know that my favorite diet aficionado, Dr.Oz , recommends that you keep either breakfast or lunch simple (like - eat the same thing everyday!) I just can't do that. He says that people who do that lose weight faster because there are less choices. And perhaps that's so for some. I like to experiment with new things or I get bored. And if I focus on variety - it's a pretty good bet that I'm covering my nutrient bases.

I do find that keeping the same snacks on hand helps though. My mainstay is usually a handful of almonds or some cheerios & craisins. Hubby is a chocolate freak. (Not that I don't adore the stuff...but I've learned to keep it in check.) He on the other hand always has a stash of chocolate filled oreos, ho hos or ice cream bars. For some reason - knowing they're there and in such quantity (he's a bulk shopper) makes it easier to not indulge, because I know I can have one if I want - whenever I want - so the urgency isn't there. Kind of weird, but it works for me.

Now tomorrow night we're going out to dinner at a lovely restaurant on the shores of Lake Ontario with the in-laws. (see picture at top of post) I'm really hoping I can be strong enough to make wise choices when ordering. I'm going to check out the menu on-line today and decide before I go. Eating out has always been my nemesis - my get-out-of-jail-free card that allows me to throw caution to the wind. but there have been far too many dining out occasions this summer for me to keep that attitude.

I'll letcha' know how I do!


Christine said...

LOL for a while I was a freak about counting calories -but now I am just eating smarter. You can't live by looking at the panels of food - but you can make better choices! :)

*ccc* said...

As big a chore as it can be, I've found journaling, even without the calories, just writing the food I eat down, has helped me a lot.

Hope your dinner out went well! (And I too struggle with meals out...I have that whole, "I'm out...let me enjoy myself" mentality. Which might work if we ate out once in a blue moon, but we go at least once a week so YIPES!)