Sunday, July 22, 2007

Too Old for the Bar Scene....

Well, I didn't bury my face in the appetizers last night so that was the good thing. The other good thing was that I went home early and spared myself the inevitable temptation of going out for "breakfast" after the bars close as is customary with this particular crowd. The restaurant was nice - we sat out on the deck and the weather was perfect - just a gentle breeze with a hint of warmth until the sun went down.

At about 10:30 the "bride" announced we were going downtown to another bar. It was about then that I and a few others gracefully bowed out. Hubby was surprised to see me roll in so early. I've learned over the years that the excitement people chase in bars really doesn't exist anywhere but in the mind's eye. It's kind of the "Are we having fun yet?" dilemma. At least for me - everything that I'd ever been chasing all those years in my youth was waiting for me in my own living room watching a Law & Order re-run. It was much more rewarding to snuggle up beside him last night than to push and shove in a crowded bar.

And I'm feeling better by the way, than I was in my last post. A bunch of guys the "bride" knew tried to guess who was the oldest between my two sisters and I. I was pegged as the youngest. (I'm the oldest - my youngest sister is 11 years my junior!) It made my night *!*

The bloaty blues that I had yesterday were definitely tied in with hormones. It blindsides me every time.

On the home front - the second floor is now built! There are still no stairs so we have to traverse a wobbly ladder to get up there but it's well worth the climb! The roof trusses go up Tuesday and as soon as the doors and windows go in - the east wall gets knocked out to make it one big house. There is still SO much to do beyond the shell. Progress is slow but it's progress none the less. The pic above is me and hubby sitting in opening to the future front door. The one he's going to carry me across in about 6 months - if I can drop this weight! (...the socks and work boots....I know, I KNOW! I gotta' love him anyway!)

I'm getting lots of motivation from reading about those of you that are winning this battle of the bulge! I'm just going to keep on putting one foot in front of the other. It's gotta' lead somewhere, right?

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*ccc* said...

Yes, yes, yes...keep going and the results will come. Promise :)

And I totally hear you on the bar thing...I'm at this really weird age/stage in my life--where I've got some friends that are still single and still love the bar scene and when I head out with them, all I can think of is getting back home, snuggling with Mr. CCC and the cat and relaxing. The drinking, the dancing, the's just not my scene anymore.

And I'm not even 29 the whole situation makes me feel so old, but oh's just where I am in life now.

Have a good week!