Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Trip to the Beach.....

Yesterday my youngest daughter and I took my grandson to the beach. (His mommy was working) and we decided since it was almost August and we hadn't been there yet this summer - it was time. It's funny how when you live so close to something you seem to go less.
As soon as we got there it started pouring so we had to sit in the car for 10 minutes. Waa! Not fun with a 2 1/2/ year old. When it finally subsided we ventured out and meandered through warm puddles in the parking lot. Or...Grandbaby did!

Our beach is historic. Back in the day (late 1800's) the place was called the Coney Island of Central New York. Some of the local eateries have vintage photos of the era and it was spectacular. Somewhere along the way it lost it's luster. Bit by bit, things were torn razed...rides taken down...all except the carousel (built in 1908) which remains even today. All that remained throughout my childhood and young adult life (besides the carousel) was the grand beach house which remained locked and boarded up. In fact for many years even the beachfront was locked with large gates so even the water was inaccessible. It became a stomping ground for the dregs of society.....gangs, vagrants, was sad. Although people still visited to ride the carousel or get a famous Abbott's frozen custard no one really came to picnic.
(The pic above is of the watefront at night - in it's prime.)
Then one day it started coming back to life. I think people realized we had a great beach here and it was time to take it back. The purchase of the infamous "Fast Ferry" helped things too. Although that was a bomb! Long story...but it's no longer here. But in spite of it's loss, the waterfront was revitalized. A new boardwalk was built. A bandstand was erected and the old bath house got a redoing. The whole port got a face lift and once again it's an amazing place. Not like it was in the day - some things you just can't do twice...but still...I feel lucky to live so close.

So we walked around for a while and took in the sights. Grandbaby chased geese and watched the duckies from the pier. The breeze was too brisk from the recent rainstorm to walk the shore (I forget how temps dip on the waterfront.) Then we got a frozen custard. And yep - I got one too. My one and only this summer and it was wonderful! I remember as a child how the beach was the only place that sold frozen custard until about 10 years ago when Abbott's started franchising. The line would wrap clear around the corner of Beach Avenue and you'd expect to wait close to an hour in line for the frozen delicacy. And it was always worth the wait!
After our treat we headed back home. Back to reality.

Last night hubby and I drove around town looking at siding on houses to get some ideas for ours. Then we stopped at a local eatery for a bite and I took most of my dinner home in a doggy bag. (Do they still call them doggy bags?) I mean - did anyone ever really give the leftovers to their dog? I don't know. I always finished my plates! So taking some home last night was an accomplishment!


Christine said...

That sounds like such a nice trip. The lights are just amazing. Very glad they left the carousel intact. What a site.

Sounds like you had a great day. Your grandson is a sweetheart. Looks like his smile is saying "Here comes trouble!"

Take care and good for you for taking home a doggy bag - I still call it that too! :)

CactusFreek said...

I love the beach! I never took it for granted when i lived near it. Now we live 3 hours inland and i miss it more than ever! I really notice that our cars don't get body rust though lol

Candy said...

I'm glad you had a good time. And I tend to be confused about the "doggy bag" thing too. Where did that saying come from??