Saturday, July 14, 2007

Building Dreams......

Well the walk went quite well! My foot didn't bother me too much at all. Of course all across the top I'm getting a nice array of pinks and blues and aquas...but I can live with that!
Last night we went over to the other house and all the walls are up on the first floor! The windows are framed in as well as the front door and the rear sliding door. We walked around inside and arranged imaginary furniture and tried to envision what it will look like when the whole east wall of the existing house is knocked out to allow access into the new great room and make the existing rooms even larger. It's so exciting! We've been planning this dream since we got married (Feb '04) and now it's actually coming to fruition. There was a time I really didn't believe it would. All the plans were in my head but until I actually saw something tangible - it just didn't seem possible.
Weight loss is like that. We have this dream of a new body and how it will be when we finally lose the weight. But I think it isn't until we see something tangible there too - that we actually begin to believe it will happen. Not so much a drop on the scale (though that's always nice) but when someone compliments us and notices the loss. Or when we fit into a new pant size. Or have to go to another buckle hole on our belt. When those things happen - the dream begins to take form and we are on a roll.
Just as I see now that yes, the new addition will exist someday - I also realize that it's still going to take time. If I got all antsy and said I want it done NOW - the builder would probably look at me like I had three eyes. There are certain things that need to be done and they will not be quick. Hubby has a cute sign in his shop (he's a mechanic) that says "I can do your job 3 ways - cheap, quick and good.....pick two. Cheap and quick won't be good. Good and quick won't be cheap."

So it is with our weight loss journey. We can't look for quick fixes and get discouraged if things aren't happening NOW! We need to be patient. Slow and steady wins the race. I'll admit it. I've been in a frump. Some days I just don't see anything happening and I want to quit. Which is what I've done so many times in the past. The difference this time is my blogging friends (see the comment on my last post.) It helps to know we're all out there in the same boat, swimming the same stream and fighting against the same current.
I'm reminded as I look at the progress on my house, that good things come to those who wait. When it's all built it will be wonderful. And it will seem as if it's always been there. But the builder will know the hard work that went into it. He's put his heart and soul into the place so far and will continue until it's done. So must we!
I've decided my new goal (besides the little black dress!) will be for hubby to be able to carry me across the threshold of our new front door. We are estimating that to be around the holidays. This way - as I see the house dream take shape - I'll be reminded of my own dream and work patiently and steadily until it happens. And I promise - I'll post a pic of that!

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Christine said...

Great blog! How exciting to be building! And wouldn't that be great to get carried across the threshold! A great goal.