Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Time To Hit The Road!

Today I start walking again. I've put it off long enough. Sure, I walked at the lake. It's easy to do there because it's like taking a hike - the road around the lake is primitive - very narrow - dirt and gravel - and hugs the woods on one side. Our lake is small and can be walked around in about a half hour. When you get to the south end, the road stops and turns into a path that takes you through a thick woods and down a steep hill. At the base of a hill you exit the woods and enter an old abandoned Camp Fire Kids Camp. A short jaunt through the camp takes you back to the original road that eventually hooks up where you started.

My walking route at home isn't near as adventurous or interesting. I live in a rural area so I do pass a farm when I walk. If the timing is right, the cows are out and when they see me coming the ones nearest the fence walk over and begin walking along with me for a few yards.

But once I get past the farm it's pretty blah. There are a number of big fields that are farmed and houses scattered on either side of the street. But no lake hugging one side, no smell of hemlocks and pines, no hint of campfires in the air. And I have to turn around and retrace my steps to come back. Bo-o-ring....

When first hubby was alive, we walked all the time but took the longer route which went 4 miles and made a complete circle. It didn't seem that long because we were talking to each other the whole time and the scenery was constantly changing. I know in theory I could take this longer route alone but it would be pretty boring all by myself and truthfully - I wouldn't have the motivation to do it solo. It's enough to try to muster the drive to do my 2 mile trek alone. Present hubby doesn't like to walk. He's on his feet all day fixing machines and gets enough of a work out lifting and hauling. He'll walk at the lake If I nag him enough but not at home. First hubby was a teacher so come summertime - he was off too and enjoyed the walks.

Yesterday it hit 97 degrees and I couldn't bring myself to do it. I hate to sweat! Today looks like it'll be another scorcher but if I let the heat hinder me I'll get nowhere.

So now that I've stacked up my excuses I guess it's time to make a commitment and just do it. It's seems like lately every magazine I pick up has an article about how important it is to walk for at least 30 minutes daily. They tell you to carve out a time slot and schedule your walk so you won't put it off. Makes sense because that's exactly what I do. I put it off all day and then it's too late. You know, the old "tomorrow" syndrome (which is a dangerous slope to slip down...)

So my new plan is to walk when I get up. Before I shower...before the sun gets too high in the sky...before I can think up a gajillion reasons not to walk. And I guess there's no better time to start than right now.... Besides - I think the cows have missed me :-)


Christine said...

Congrats on the walking. Thats great. I have some upcoming holidays and I am planning to walk, walk, walk. Regarding the book "The Husband" - I have not finished it yet. Life has not allowed me to really sit down with it - just a few pages at a time. I am probably over 3/4 the way done - enjoying it very much though. :) Take care.

*ccc* said...

I was just about to suggest an early morning walk...as someone who lives in steamy, muggy South Florida (where it's hot all the time!) I've gotten used to the idea that outdoor exercise needs to be done either really early or in the late afternoon...

But hey, at least you have some scenery to look at and some friends along the way, right? Happy exercising and welcome home!