Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still Not Connected!

I absolutely HATE not having a computer at my disposal! I'm over at the "other" house using hubby's work computer which is so slow that I think I sprouted 3 new gray hairs while I was sitting here waiting for it to load one page! Not to mention I'm sitting here in the midst of junk and debris as we are tearing out the old cupboards in the kitchen which will soon be a dining room. There is much to do and little time it seems these days.

Last night was very nice. I ordered a chicken wrap and a side of broccoli. Everyone else got fries so I was proud to resist the temptation. Our hen party tonight was cancelled - the hostess got unexpected company from out of town so I have a respite from the food part of that - and yes my dear Ash, it DOES seem that where ever two or more are gathered there IS food! At least among us church ladies!

Tomorrow is my trip to the lake for the birthday bash and the weather (which incidentally has been absolutely wonderful as far as summers go) is supposed to be cold! But I'm surprisingly not all that dismayed. I can wear Capri's and a top with sleeves as opposed to shorts and a sleeveless wonder....I'm still very self conscious about seeing some of these gals that I haven't seen in a long while. They were ALL blessed with the skinny gene. Not Lora *alas*

Speaking of weight - not having this blog and all the others I read faithfully at my disposal has been causing my accountability to slip. Sure. I ate the unbuttered broccoli last night. But I ate 2 ho-hos before I left. I didn't mention that earlier, did I?

And I'm feeling anxious about not having a job to go to in a few weeks. Not that I mind an extended summer. I really do miss the days when I was a stay-at-home mom and walked to the beat of my own schedule. But I didn't need the money then. After first hubby passed away there was only enough life insurance to bury him and not much more. And present hubby....well I married for love and not money.
I'm trying to be hopeful and trusting that God truly does have a plan. He always does. But the waiting and trusting thing has always been an issue with me. I think that's why He makes me do it so often...)

We are going to shop for a new computer this weekend hopefully. Until then I'll buzz over here or to the library to catch up. Gheesh...who'd a thought one could become so dependent on a little machine!


Christine said...

I do rely on the blogging to help me as well. I do gain strength from others words too. I totally understand what you are talking about.

Good for you on the broccoli - but I can relate to the ho-ho's. :)
Happy to hear that you are getting the new computer soon. I would get the shakes without my internet. ;)

Ash said...

Ho-Ho's...Hmmm. I keep hearing about fried Twinkies....Yesterday while at the grocery, I came upon an entire end-of-aisle display of the little darlings. Oh, they called to me: "remember how we used to taste? how about frying some of us to see what everybody goes crazy over?"
I turned on my heel and wheeled my cart away as fast as my aged legs could go!
but one of these days....