Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PC Bites the Dust....

My computer has crashed....again. So I'm sitting here in the not so private library to publish a quick post lest anyone thinks I've gone on a permanent vacation. It looks like this time we need to bite the dust and get a whole new system. Not a fun prospect considering September is looming ahead and I'm still without a job *sigh*

The wedding went well Saturday - the dress was a hit! I actually got a lot of compliments which is something I've not gotten in a while. It was good motivation.

The rest of the week brings new temptations. Have I mentioned a million times that summer is THE hardest time for me to lose weight? Tomorrow night is our monthly get together with the cousins and sisters for our summer girl's night out. We'll probably hit a waterside place. Last time I got a salad (albeit a not so healthy one) and this time I'm going to try to do the same (0nly healthier!). Thursday night I'm meeting with a group of women from my church for a little hen party. More food. UGH!

Friday I head off to one of the Finger Lakes here in Upstate New York for group birthday party. A gang of us girls from high school are getting together to have our own celebration in honor of this year - the one we all turn 50 in. More food. More drinks. The worst part is that most of the gang are my old cheerleader buddies from back in the day and they're all still skinny! I'm nervous about this. A lot. But I'm also not going to sit back and let a fun time pass me by. Fat or not. I'll be there.

I'll try to get to a computer often while we're out shopping for a new system. Gosh I don't want to spend that kind of money right now. But the present one has been repaired more times than I can count and I just can't afford or put up with the unreliability of it any longer. And this time I think the ailment is fatal. It won't turn on at all *double sigh*

So this has to be short and sweet. There's something about typing away on a computer with the screen in full view of all to see.... I just can't focus .

I'll be back though!


Christine said...

I am so glad that the dress was a hit! I knew it. You looked great.

Hope you can get your computer fixed. :)

Ash said...

quote: "a group of women from my church for a little hen party. More food. "
Why is it that, "where two or three are gathered together...there is food in the midst of them"!

Always a challenge, isn't there?

wishing you the best,

*ccc* said...

Woman, you are QUITE the social butterfly!!! EEP! All that eating out...all those parties...God bless you!

Glad to hear you had fun at the wedding and the dress was a hit...told ya so!