Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm still here!

I have not left forever! *alas* my computer is still at the shop. We've just not had time to go looking for another. The house is taking up every waking minute we have. The contractor is almost done with his part. We are waiting for the front door so we can seal off the new part and then take down the inside wall which will open up part A to part B. Then the real fun begins!
I went to the lake without him this weekend to send off daughter and her hubby to Massachusetts. It was tearful to watch them drive off. Another chapter in their "oh so young" lives has closed and a new one awaits. I envy them....

Mr. Imanass ass as usual. He knocked over one of the logs on our retaining wall by the upper road. It was Unchristian of me...but one of his boulders (the ones he's put near our stairs just to be jerk) found it's own way over the wall. It was heavy but I enjoyed doing it.
I even put my swimsuit on and swam in the lake. The 90 degree heat will make one forget all about thunder thighs and cellulite. Speaking of which - I'm doing really horrible in the eating department. Lots of fast food these days. Oh naughty Lora!! I need a shot of motivation. I'm holding steady at my weight but it'll catch up. I'm sure of that. One would think with all the sweating I'm doing at the house (ripping off old siding, carrying lumber, hauling boxes) that I'd be seeing something. Maybe that's why I'm holding steady.
One thing I Do miss is catching up on my blogs. When I steal away into the "cave" to use the old computer here I feel guilty. Like I should be outside helping hubby. I can't wait till I'm hooked up again. I haven't forgotten you all!

And's getting dark and hubby's still on the roof. I need to go out and cheer him one. he works so hard!
Please don't forget me till I'm back on again and in the groove. I certainly haven't forgotten all of you!


CactusFreek said...

Hey, you gotta do what you've gotta do right? We have lives and sometimes blogging is on a serious back burner to lots of stuff.
Do you have recent house photos?
Who's Mr Imanass? lol
Gee i've missed heaps! :o/

Christine said...

We'll be here when you are ready!! Take care!!