Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A New Dress.....

Yesterday I went shopping for a dress. I have a wedding to go to Saturday and the little black number that I was SO hoping I'd fit into...well....I don't fit into it. Yet.

Anyway - it seems that all the summer digs are strapless, halter numbers. Not a good thing when you have flabby arms. Good thing is, nothing is super clingy this season so the old hips won't be leaving the room long after I do.

I tried on a LOT of dresses. It wasn't fun. Better than swimsuit shopping, I'll give you that. But still not a stroll in the park either. I wish dressing rooms had little digital cameras in them that would snap a shot of you from all angles then post the pics on a screen in the dressing room so you could see how you REALLY look. Because more often than not - an outfit will seem okay when I'm trying it on in the store and then when I actually see a picture of myself in it much later - I want to gag. Barf. Puke all over the place. Like at my daughters' wedding (yes the daughter part is plural...they had a double wedding last summer) I wore this dress that I thought was totally awesome. Then they got the pictures back. I looked like a giant blue snowdrift.

Anyway - I bought this little silky brown & cream polka dot thing. It seems to be forgiving in the waist area. It emphasizes my top half so there's a bit of a balancing act working there. It's a semi-halter style - meaning my back isn't bare (TG! rolls will be hidden) but it still leaves my shoulders bare and my upper arms hanging out there for all to see. I felt so good in the store. This morning when I woke up I bolted straight up in my bed (kind of like Kevin in Home Alone) and gasped "What was I thinking???!!!"

I'm going to give it a trial run today. With the stockings, the shoes, the jewelry....and see if I really have the guts to wear this. I'll take pic and maybe we can have a vote. Or at least a good laugh. I'll post it tomorrow. Today you'll have to settle for just the dress. (It looks frumpy on the hanger though...)

Right now I have to go out and get some rays on my back so I don't have white shoulder lines. Egads! Life was so much simpler when I was thin. I want to be there again. Really, really bad!

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Christine said...

I am sure that the dress looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing the pictures!!!