Monday, August 20, 2007

Not Quite back Yet....

Hubby decided to give the old PC one more chance and sent it off to be repaired. UGHH! I cannot stand being "unhooked"! I'm at the other house now for a quick "fix" to check up on my fellow bloggers and let you all know I'm still alive.

The birthday party at the lake was wonderful! There were 13 of us there - some of whom I haven't seen in quite a few years! We sat around and sipped wine and caught up on each other's lives. The food situation wasn't all that destructive to my diet. There were lots of snacks but mostly fruits, veggies and salsa dips. There was more talking than eating! Dinner was grilled chicken breasts and a few side dishes that were perhaps a tad on the fattening side, but I took small portions. The only "bad" item was the big birthday cake that read "50 and still fabulous! Happy Birthday to all of us!" It was so much fun to reminisce and giggle like we used to back in the day. A few brave souls even attempted to do an old Cheer from our cheerleader days but couldn't remember all the moves. I chose to watch (!)

I have been lax on my walking (as in I haven't). I just can't find the motivation these days. The fact that I have no job to go to in a few weeks when school starts for everyone else has me feeling depressed. I need the structure to rein in my eating. Summer has been awfully hard.

This weekend we're going down to the cottage to send daughter and her hubby off to Massachusetts. They will end their 5 month "extended" honeymoon at the lake to go back to reality. He goes back to school and hockey. She trades her waitress job here for one there. They found a cute apartment in Springfield and she assures me it's safe. (then why are there bars on the windows, honey...?) But they're young and adventurous and I'm sure this will just be another delightful chapter in their story of "us".

It's been unseasonably cold this week but supposed t hit 90 again by the weekend so I';m looking forward to a nice weekend at the lake - basking in the sun and maybe taking the sailboat out. Mr. Imanass will be there in all his disgusting splendor so we're gearing up for that too. I'm sure the police will be summoned at least once before the weekend is over.

And now, I'm heading outside to tear off old siding to make way for the new. The house is coming along - slow but sure. I am seriously wondering if we'll be able to celebrate the holidays in it or not. There is just SO much to do yet!

Hopefully I'll be connected soon!

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Christine said...

Glad to see that you snuck in some net time. :)