Friday, August 3, 2007

Off to the Mountains....

I'm packing up to head for the Mountains in less than an hour. It's hotter than blazes here (95 in the shade right now) so packing up the car has been a sweat fest to say the least. (of course I waited until TODAY to vacuum it out and do a thorough decluttering....) Ever notice how the car so easily become the stash place. Gross! I could've fed a small third world country with the food crumbs I found under the car seat! IBut I only found one fast food wrapper. That's a first!

Anyhoo - I'm hoping the brisk mountain air (oh please let it be cooler than here!) will freshen my spirits and put me in a better mood. I've mentally told off the Principal and the school board a gazillion times.... My daughter told me this morning "Mom, you always told us God has a better plan....." Yep. I did. So I'm taking some of my own medicine. But it's hard to swallow. It's so much easier to give advice than take it.

There's usually healthy eating when we go to the mountains. Every August my late husband's family treks there from all over the country (we've got contingents from California, Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon) for a family reunion. Late hubby's sister has a beautiful cottage there on Sixth Lake in Inlet, NY in the Adirondacks. Actually cottage is not exact the word I'd use to describe it. It's nicer than any house I've ever dreamed of living in. This side of the family is very health conscious. They eat lots of fruits and nuts and fresh veggies and make things from scratch. And they're active! For sure there will be a softball game, a hike up Bald Mountain and another around Bug Lake. I'll do the lake hike. They also have an annual swim around the island. I'll pass on that only because I'm not yet at the point where I'll don a swim suit in front of all of them. Maybe next summer....

Present hubby isn't going (he feels "funny" he says....) He does do other holidays with them, just not overnights. Actually our first Thanksgiving together (being married) we went to neither his family's or mine! It was my "turn" to eat with late hubby's and we went there! What a guy, eh?

So I'm hoping I come home with some sore muscles and a little bit lighter. In weight and in spirits. It's a 4 1/2 hour ride and we'll probably arrive around 10:00. Just in time for lots of overdue hugs, a cozy campfire and the night sounds you can find only in the mountains. Be back Monday.....y'all have a great weekend and squeeze out all the summer you can get. It's waning fast. At least in this hemisphere.
BTW ~ the pic is a view from Bald Mountain. I have climbed it before. Several times!


Christine said...

Hope that you take some pictures and share. It looks just beautiful. I am jealous.

I love in the praries. Nothing but flat ground and wheat fields. :)

*ccc* said...

Oh, have fun!!!

Candy said...

My car is a big ole' mess! It amazes me the kind of stuff that I let stay in there for days, even months. It needs a major cleaning!

Have a good trip!