Friday, August 10, 2007

Going Down?

Okay - the dress is a go. Three yays - no nays. I'll go with that.

Tonight we are having some friends over to the "other" house for a "Grill-Off". Each guest brings an interesting appetizer but it must be grillable. We'll have several grills going and vote for the best item. This was hubby's idea. Why does every function have to revolve around food?! At least the things will be grilled and I'm sure there will be lots of veggie concoctions - it's the sauces I'm worried about. Oh heavens.... At least my weight-watcher pal can be relied on to bring something diet-friendly. She's lost 36 pounds so far! If anything, the evening will be inspiring for me as I watch her have fun and not have to stuff her face to do it.

Then tomorrow is the wedding. It's a sit-down dinner and my choices were chicken french, prime rib or some pasta type deal. I opted for the beef. I'll eat sparingly during the day but it's the bellying up to the open bar that will probably do me in. Yeah...functions always revolve around THAT too. Crap.

Maybe I'll just have to stop going out for a while! I remember when I quit smoking (22 years go) that I had to avoid situations where I knew I'd be tempted, for almost two months. But once I was over the hump and the starting line was becoming distant - I was okay.

I need some kind of a kick in the butt to get back on track here. As you've noticed - my weight tracker hasn't budged. I'm doing okay enough to stay where I am - but not to lose. Double crap. Perhaps a weekly weigh-in like a lot of you do - instead of the daily ritual I have with the scale will work. I Like what Christine did with her picture of her feet on the scale. Now THAT'S accountability. Maybe if I do that once a week and post it - I'll feel more accountable.

Of course then I'll have to do my toes up pretty too....but that's the least of my worries. It's the darn numbers I have to worry about.

I read a blog the other day where the writer said her weight loss journey was like getting on an elevator that just kept going down. Mine is stuck at the top. Oh if it were that easy. I guess I need to do more than just get in the elevator - I need to push the buttons to make it move. And we all know what those buttons are...

Eat Less.

Move More.

Make Better Choices.

Going down.....?


lifetime fitness said...

i think that you must stop eating chicken to remain in shape.

Lora said...


Christine said...

Not sure what the chicken comment was all about....but moving on...

Glad you decided to keep the dress. It worked for you! :) Sounds like a fun night tonight with the Grill Off. I am sure that you can make the most of the veggies and have a good time. I guess its all about making the best decisions that you can. :)

Thanks for the mention, that made me smile. I didn't get any weird comments about my toes -so I think that I might keep doing it as well. It defintely keeps you accountable, you can't fake this weigh in! :)

Take care and have a great time at the Grill off. :)

*ccc* said...

OOH that grilloff sounds great...and healthy. I bet you'll be surprised to find some good options for you there...

And hang in there with the scale. I am in the same place. I have been battling the same pound and a half for a month. It's driving me bananas and I need to refind my focus...keep on, and I will too :)

As a ps--thank you for your kind words and your prayers. Meant more than you will ever know. I truly appreciate it...

Ash said...

My renewed determination came about because I needed some new clothes to finish out the Summer with. Eek! The size I had to buy! Time to cut out my pb & syrup and choc chips. Duh.
Something will "kick in" for you soon; I know you can do this!