Tuesday, August 7, 2007

back to Reality....

Our trip to the mountains was great! This was our 20th annual trek up there for the family reunion and every year I marvel at how absolutely beautiful it is. My sister-in-law's cottage is on 6th lake in Inlet - a quaint little town that hasn't changed a bit in all of the years we've been traveling there. The cottage had major renovations over the winter and I swear - If someone blindfolded me and brought me in I wouldn't have known where I was. It no longer resembles a cottage. It's more like a resort! Absolutely breathtaking!

Unfortunately there were no hikes this year! And I was up for one for sure - at least the one around Bug Lake! It was a quiet weekend - different than most. Maybe we were all just acclimating ourselves to the new surroundings....we spent more time than usual inside in spite of the awesome weather we were blessed with. Still....it was relaxing and satisfying. Campfires and singing (lots of singing ~ a very musical family) catching up, relaxing with a book on the dock, and food. Always the food. I did okay for lunch and dinner. Breakfast was another story. There's a tradition up there - the first one up treks over to Eagle Bay and gets several bags of freshly baked cinnamon-sugar donuts. We stayed in a nearby motel so we always arrived shortly after the "big" breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage, bagels and fresh fruit. But we always got there in time to reach into one of the still warm white paper bags that contained the donuts. One of those and a cup of coffee....it doesn't get any better than that! If the shop ever closes I don't know what we'll do!

I had a long chat with my sister-in-law from Oregon. (You know all the left over hippies live there....) and she's very health conscious. We talked about organic fruits and veggies and all of a sudden I was happy that we had planted such a big garden this year. We traded some yummy recipes and discussed the amazing property of anti-oxidants and the advantages of fish oil. I always come away from my conversations with her feeling ready to re-vamp my whole way of eating.

The trip to and from was pleasant too. The drive went by quickly and we were treated to a fantastic lightening storm on the way down. It was far enough away to not be threatening but a wonder to behold. We made a pit stop to eat each way. On the way there I was good - you know there are only McDonald's and Sbarro's on the NYS thruway (!) and I ordered a Southwest Salad. On the way home we stopped early in Inlet and I split chicken fingers and fries with my grandson. How bad was I! Which meant since he's only 2 1/2 - I ate most of it. I felt bloated all the way home.

But I'm back to my better eating again (my old breakfast stand-by of cheerios, blueberries, cinnamon and skim milk) feels good. And now that the veggies are kicking in in the garden, dinners are going well too. We eat most nights at the "other" house - which means we cook out back and have a campfire. I feel like this summer has been a perpetual camping trip! I'm sorry to see it waning! Then again....I have no job to go to in September - barring a miracle - so I guess it will last a little longer anyway *sigh*

Yeah...the job thing. I'm still bummed beyond belief. Feeling very betrayed by the district. But I'm pushing forward and trying not to obsess. And then there's Mr. "Imanass" at the cottage. Daughter and her hubby have been living there all summer and he's been harassing them beyond belief. We are seriously considering selling the place. Sure. That'll mean he won. But at this point I'm beyond his crazy head games. Life is too short to live next to an a-hole. I'm trying to muster up forgiveness in my heart but I just can't. He's SUCH A JERK!

Okay, Lora. Take a deep breath.

I'm gonna' go for a walk now. Before the day gets too hot. I need to cool off....


Christine said...

Is this is a picture of the cottage? My goodness is just beautiful!

You are very lucky to have a big garden full of great foods. Make the most of it!

Lora said...

Yes ~ that's the cottage! It was awesome...they spared no expense in renovations. (They're both Doctors....go figure!)