Thursday, September 11, 2008

What We Learn While In The Trenches...

I've been lying low because frankly...I've been feeling a little low. I got passed over (yet once again) for the younger job candidate. In spite of the fact I've taught as a long term sub on 4 different occasions in this particular district. In spite of the fact that I have raving reviews from key people in each school I taught in. In spite of the fact that the previous art department head phoned my interviewers minutes before my interview to plug me.

They still chose the young one - fresh out of college.

I'm feeling better now though and actually have recovered more quickly from this disappointment than in the past. Probably because I've been trusting God a lot more - that in spite of the roadblocks - He has a plan that I can't yet see. Still - being human - the old ego has taken a bit of a brushing.

As I see it - it's their loss (does that sound prideful?) I don't mean it to be! It's just that sometimes people overlook very good qualities in a person because they're too distracted with the packaging instead of the contents. Ring a bell?

I wonder how many overweight people are brushed aside in life because they're...well....overweight! It's not fair. And it's certainly not right. If only we could all learn to look past the bias of color... or status... or age... or weight - we'd meet and learn to love some pretty darn nice people.

That's my sermon for today.

Still unemployed. Still wondering how I'm going to pay the bills. Still trusting God has a plan.


JC said...

I understand completely. I don't know when I became the old lady here are work but it happened. They look at me, especially when I have an opposing view like when are you going to retire. I know I have lost many opportunities to those smaller and better looking in my younger days. I thank God I'm not looking for a job now.

You didn't get that job because He has a better one out there for you. He has never failed to meet my every need but he has been very last minute. Keep the faith.

grammy said...

Sorry! Bummer. My 23 year old son is interviewing for a job as a policeman right now. Never mind that he just graduated with a ministry degree. He wants this so bad. He just called and has a wait. Says it looks good. I said pray. You want it to be what God wants...he sure but I want what I want...don't we all. I will pray for you, you pray for Ty. By the way, do you ever watch survivor? Those youngsters always hate anyone over ...seems like 30...It makes me so mad. We have not raised this generation to respect age at all. OK, nuff of that. This might sound crazy...have you ever thought of daycare. It pays good and you can be at home and be your own boss (o:

Betty said...

I soooo understand you. Even though I have a job, I would love to look for something more challenging, but know that my chances are pretty low, for finding anything. Because of the age factor. Every day I am at work with women who could all be my children and my superior is 22 years old...!!!
I will be praying for you, that something will come along!

MargieAnne said...

Glad you are able to accept the disappointment so well.

I haven't been in the workforce as such, since before I married, over 45 years ago, so when I took on the 'unskilled' job at the SuperMarket it was very interesting. I was briefly trained .... like 1 hour or so, to use the till then let loose on the public, to learn by doing. There are many little things to learn... Things I would never have dreamt about and being able to use my PC had no relationship to using the checkout computer. After a couple of 1 hour sessions at the till at slow times I noticed I wasn't getting past the packing bags area. Finally I plucked up courage to ask and was told I was too slow. ....... It was my age ...... OK I'm not going to be a speed machine and throw stuff through the scanner but what does my age have to do with insufficient training and practice. Some of the speedsters have no idea, mix poisons with food and bruise the produce.

I'm not moaning but I do think there is a huge lack of understanding the true value of age and different experiences that come with it. I'd love for you to be my Art Teacher. They really don't know what they are missing.

You never know how this is going to work out but with God all will work out for the best .... That's one of my special promises Romans 8:28 Hope it encourages you too.

Heather said...

its definitely their loss! Im sorry to hear they didnt pick you, but its just not meant to be, and youll find something even better that you will be perfect for.

new*me said...

When one door closes, another one opens. God must have a better plan for you. Try to trust that it's all going to be okay :)

Manuela said...

No cliche I might give you will make you feel better about this. I think that any board that passes experience over youth is shortchanging its students.

I always found it hard to surrender myself completely to what God wants for me but, I finally think I've achieved that state to accept things as they come and know that with faith, the right door will finally open for me (and you--I really believe it!)

Hugs and every good thought I can send your way :)

MizFit said...

I feel you and have already been there with the age thing as well.

I wish I had better words which WOULDNT come across as platitudes (as I dont mean them as such)----so Ill just say, as others, to keep the faith.
keep your spirits high and things SHALL flow your way.


Honi said...

ohh goodness ,,, you are handling things well though thats great... when i worked at my last job i was one of the older folks there. and truthfully i hated it.. i too believe that God has something planned for you .. that is far better than the position you were interviewing for.. much luck and keep that good attitude!!

CactusFreek said...

I hear ya! I am a qualified childcare worker. But when i go for jobs, they give me the once over with thier eyes and i can see what they are thinking. "She looks like a heart attack waiting to happen so how can she properly care for a bunch of active 3yos?" Never mind the fact that i'm a lot more active than i look. I just don't get a chance :o/

So big hugs for you darl! [[HUGS]]