Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Zucchini Recipes....

I got a call just now that the woman I "house sit" with went into the hospital with an infection so I'm not needed this week. I hope she's okay. And on a selfish note - I'm really needing that $300 I won't be getting this week. Have faith Lora...have faith.

So hubby brought home yet more zucchini last night. I decided that maybe I would try my hand at some zucchini soup. I've had pumpkin soup before (it's to die for - honest!) so I figured maybe the zucchini version would be good too.

I found two recipes on the internet that caught my eye. One because it was easy and the other because it was touted as being the most awesome zucchini soup ever.

Don't believe everything you read.

I decided to try both as - as both recipes were different and well...I couldn't not try the most awesome zucchini soup ever. The first batch (the easy one) really was easy and it was wonderful! I will definitely make this one again. I made enough to freeze 6 pints of it. (Hubby and I both ate bowl as soon as it was see if we liked it. And we did!

The second batch - which called for chicken stock and laughing cow cheese was bland and yucky. We tried to doctor it up with some dehydrated onions, salt and some asiago cheese. That helped some but it was still nowhere comparable to the first batch which I'm posting below:

One very large zucchini

(the kind that hide in the garden and you don't spot them until they're about the size of a small child.) Well....not that big but you get my drift.

2 large onions

1 stick butter

2 teaspoons dried basil

2 cans cream of chicken soup

2 cans water

Chop the zucchini into cubes and dice the onions

Simmer in a covered pot with the butter until tender. (stir occasionally)

Blend 1 can soup & 1 can water in blender.

Add some of the zucchini mixture and some of the basil

Blend and pour into large container.

This part you do in cycles until all of the zucchini & onions are mixed with the soup & basil.... depending on the size of your blender.

When all is mixed together - pack into freezer containers and freeze.

I'm not sure about the calorie count - the stick of butter and the cream of chicken soup is divided up into 12 servings so I don't' think it's that high.

Anyhoo -it's really tasty and I'm looking forward to curling up with a bowl for lunch one day this winter!

My personal challenges are coming along...okay. I'm struggling the fruit & veggie thing. Getting lots of veggies with my evening meal (thanks to the abundant harvest in our garden this fall) but not so good on the fruit. I need to get to the market and stock up. Water - check. Fast food - check (except one slip up last week). I think I may have mentioned that before. Moving more - need to remind myself! Small plate - sometimes. Definitely smaller portions. Cleaning (or not cleaning) my plate - that's where I'm bombing. I finish the last bite and then rememberI was supposed to leave some!

I'm still plugging away though.

And last night - Biggest Loser! Great show as usual! It was hard to see the gray team go. They seem to have the deck stacked against them with the way ALL of their family overeats. I know they've managed to do well so far at home - I hope they can keep it up.

And the yellow team - what were they smoking? $10,000 is a lot of money - but no way would I have ever jeopardized my position above the yellow line! I'm glad the old guy is still in though. I want to see him get healthy.

Let me know if you try the soup or pie (yesterday) and what you think!


new*me said...

mmmmm........sounds yummy!

Maybe with the veggies you can make big pots of soup with every veggie under the sun. Then puree it. One cup or so should give you a lot of veggies! Also, don't forget about tomato sauce on top of things.....add tomato sauce to the top of a veggie and you have 2 :)

I love BL too! I am quite hooked! I love all the teams but have to say brown and red are my favorites at the moment but I loved the grey team too! Awesome father/son relationship!

Lyn said...

This looks REALLY good! I am going to try making this soup but with less butter. Yum, thanks!

grammy said...

OK, so I guess I will have to try the soup too. I didn't get to watch B looser last night...we were having a BD party here, and no I did not do good. Thanks for you comment. He goes tomorrow for another part of testing. I am packing the camper for one last weekend in the mountains. Fun!

MizFit said...


you do my veggies.

deal? :)

JC said...

Well if you are going to miss one or the others it is better to eat your veggies. The recipes sound good. I like the idea New'me gave. Veggie soup in the winter is one of my favorites but it is hard to leave off the cornbread.

Pattie said...

I'm with MizFit: fruit isn't a problem for me, but veggies...

How about a banana with cereal, or fruit with cottage cheese? Those are two ways I get fruit into my day. And I eat an apple every day, just cause I love 'em.

Thanks for the recipes, Lara. And I'm sorry to hear that your lady is in the hospital. I hope she’s better soon so you can be with her again.