Friday, September 5, 2008


It's Friday already! And so far it's been a good day. I got called for an interview next Monday in the district I do most of my subbing in. It's part time job - teaching art to elementary kids. We're talking very part time. If I got it - I could do per-diem subbing on the days I'm not working - or get a part time job somewhere else. No health insurance coverage (which stinks as hubby is self employed and we pay out of our pocket now... $733/month for two people which will increase to $1685 in March when COBRA runs out.) I'm sorry folks...something's wrong with the health care system here in the U.S. That equates to over $20,000 per year just to have health coverage. What's left over to live on?

Don't get me going!

Okay - so I said this was a good day so far - and it is! I have the interview (better than nothin' right?) and my sister & her hubby got the cottage on our lake! The owners threw just about everything but the kitchen sink (oh wait - the kitchen sink is included too!) into the deal! We're talking ALL the furniture which was purchased brand spanking new 6 years ago...all the deck furniture (which is that top of the line stuff that looks like a living room out doors)...the motor boat, the canoe, a paddle boat, a stainless gas grill...and too much more stuff to mention!

My sister is SO lucky and I am so happy she'll be on our lake! (the pic is looking at her new digs from the road. Directly across the lake to the right of the boat....and behind the our place. We can shout across the lake to each other....ride over in the boat in 2 minutes or walk in about 15. Way cool!)

Here's a little background....our husband's were best friends before we met either of them. Sis & I lived in the apartment across the street from them back in the day. History played itself out and we ended up marrying them. We did everything together as couples and when we bought our place (back in 1999) our dream was that they would buy a place too.

But life has a way of interrupting our best laid plans. Sis & her husband ended up getting a divorce. Long messy put a real strain on the relationship since our hubs were best buds. She moved on, met a nice guy and married him. Still, things were never the same.

Second part of the saga... shortly after we bought our cottage, hubby found out he had cancer. 2 1/2 years later - he was gone and I was left with a place on the lake - alone. Not the dream I'd intended.

Eventually I remarried and sis & I ever so slowly started putting our relationship back together again. Seriously - it wasn't until this past weekend that she came to the lake - that things finally felt like they used to. And totally unplanned - totally by a fluke (or perhaps the hand of God) she sees this cottage for sale (that didn't even have a for sale sign....hubby happened upon it on the Internet that day while looking for boats) and the next thing you know - she drags her husband down and they call the realtor and bingo - it's theirs!

So now the dream can continue!

Another reason this is good day (besides being Friday and all) is because the weather is great - warm - sunny - breezy - summery! And nothing puts me in a better mood than a day like that!

On the challenge front - things are good. I'm not doing that well on the exercise part - but I'm sticking to the rest pretty well and holding steady at the 7 pound loss. Haven't graced the drive though (or doors) of a FF place and don't even miss it! Drinking the water and missing that when I don't. Lots of veggies with the garden finally ready to harvest! Small plate....some of the time - but getting used to smaller portions. I haven't even really been too conscious of what I eat...aside from just eating less and getting more fruits & veggies. Yet still...I'm losing. Slowly. But I'm losing.

My challenges in the weeks to come will focus more on the foods.

Hope y'all have great plans for this wonderful weekend!


JC said...

SO glad your sister got the place and thanks for sharing the info about your life. I feel like I know you better. I think losing the weight slowly will serve us both better in the long run. Have a great weekend.

new*me said...

Pattie will be so happy when she gets back from Alaska.

I agree with you about healthcare. It is awful and that is something I want to see whoever takes office, tackle asap.

That is so cool about being close to your sis. It's great to reconnect after so much time. There is nothing better than family and it seems as though it was meant to be. It looks so beautiful there!

themarlatts said...

How absolutely gorgeous! Oooo, I wish I was there!