Friday, September 19, 2008

There's No place Like Home!

Well that wasn't so bad! I was really nervous about going into someone's home I'd never met before and living there for 2 whole days - eating. sleeping, showering seemed weird. But the woman and her husband were very nice. She has end stage cancer - still gets around with a walker (the cancer is in her spine now) but needs help getting dressed and preparing meals. There was a lot of down time that I spent in "my room" with a TV that had over 1000 channels. Too many choices!

Cool thing though - my bathroom (yes - I got my own) had one of those doctor's scales - you know, the real accurate ones with the sliding weights. And I weighed in at 186. Whoo hoo!

Right now I need to spend some time with my hubby. It feels good to be home! But surprisingly enough - I'm not hesitant to return next Wednesday.

More tomorrow!


Betty said...

That´s so great that you are helping this woman. I´m sure she´s very happy you are there.
And 186! Wow! That´s so far off for me, but you are almost there! CongratS!

Grumpy Chair said...

186! Congratulations!

I'm glad you felt comfortable in your new surroundings (Wed-fri). You must be a very compassionate, loving person and the lady you are staying with must be very lucky to have you.

I'm in Tyler Texas (a very small city) and the job pool is very small . . . then again, maybe not as much competition. But I hear you on the frustrations of looking, especially in this fragile economy.

I just got caught-up with your posts - I have been reading mostly on google reader and haven't been commenting on blogs (bad bad bad) but I think about all of you all the time and appreciate your support.

I am so bummed I missed the biggest loser show! I didn't realize the new season had started yet!

And regarding your comment on my blog - that post was poorly written, and I hadn't intended to post it yet - but accidently hit publish instead of save as draft. When I went back in to edit, blogger went wonkie and I couldn't edit the darn thing. Anyway, the post is about what happened on June 25th without saying what really happened - as in . . . read between the lines. The hubs did something bad and I left him. The man that I refer to as the "nice man" was a detective from the Galveston area.

I'm living a nightmare right now and cannot wait until this is over.

grammy said...

Isn't it funny when we get excited about a Dr. scale (o: Glad things went good for you. I like the picture of 'home' Is it a Country folk art picture? Enjoy your time with hubby.

JC said...

Glad to know it went well. Congrats on 186. I'll be there one day. That couple is fortunate to have you. Have a great week.