Monday, September 8, 2008

Fried Pumpkin Blossoms and other good things about September!

I just got in from a nice walk. Hard to tell that summer is waning except for the tell-tale goldenrod that has taken over the roadside. Whenever I take a walk on a sunny summer day I'm taken back to my childhood days. I lived outside all summer and came in only when necessary! Hardly ever wore shoes (still don't if flip-flops don't count...)

I live in a rural area so there are stretches that encompass only woods, fields or crops. It's been dry since that big stretch of rain we had a few weeks back. The earth is cracked and the fields are parched. It's the first time we've had to water the gardens in a long while. All that rain did a number on the vegetables. Too much of a good thing I guess.

We only got one pumpkin and it died before it got to the size of grapefruit. Still...there are plenty of blossoms that at this point will never turn to anything before the first frost so I picked a bunch the other day and made some fried pumpkin blossoms. Before you gasp - they are only 54 calories per blossom in spite of the name. And two blossoms are just the right amount!

They're so easy.....!

I gently tear the blossom in two to make two flat halves, then dip them in a beaten egg, coat with crushed saltine crackers that have been seasoned with salt and pepper and then saute in a oil with a little butter. I're thinking...fried in oil and butter?? But these are delicacies that can only be indulged in this time of the year and as I said - the calorie count isn't all that high because you're only eating a small amount.
They were good fellow bloggers. Extremely good!
Gotta' go paint the trim in the kitchen - we're trying hard to get this place ready to sell soon. The goal is to have Thanksgiving in the new house. That will be a real feat!
Oh ~ the interview went well. At least from my perspective. We'll know how it went from theirs if they call and offer me the job.


Betty said...

I`ve never heard of fried pumpkin blossoms before! How do they taste? It sounds good! And you even know how many cal. per blossom... Not bad.
We live in a rural area as well and I know what you are talking about, when the earth gets dry!
We havn`t had significant rain since Feb.!

grammy said...

Sounds good. Would that work with zucchini blossoms do you think? I have the same problem of no plants but plenty of flowers.

grammy said...

Me again. I just read through the posts I missed while camping. Loved the story about you and your sis. Mine lives in the same town as me and we are very close. The lake house sounds cool enough to live in full time. (maybe she will?) Keep up the good work! Seven ponds is great.

CactusFreek said...

Do you guys use grey water? During the summer we save our bath and washing machine water for the gardens. It works well :o)

I must say that the idea of eating pumkin blossoms doesn't appeal to me in the slightest!

John wants to know what your big orange pumkins are called. The only pumkins we grow have skin coloured blue/gray [Queensland blue], Dark green[Jap] or light/grey orange and are rectangular [Butternut] But we don't grow bright orange pumkins like you guys do in America. So he wants to know what they are called :o)

Manuela said...

I know that an Italian specialty is fried zucchini blossoms so I imagine the pumpkin would be similar (as with other squash?) I've always wanted to try it!

Good luck with the job. I'll be looking at what you're going through when recruiters come around in the new year.

Yes, I think as an older student I do take it more seriously. I don't have time to waste but I also want to have fun while I'm doing it.

What I love is the constant learning process of life--it is what we make of it :)

Honi said...

hmm never heard of fried pumpkin blossoms .. interesting indeed. we had a huge harvest of tomatos this year.. thats all we planted.. the rain has been good to us this summer.. supposed to storm today.. bet the tomato vines will be popping again tommorow.. there were a few green tomatos 2 days ago on the vine.. with all the rain they are just coming off the vine at a rapid rate.. and SOOOO GOOD.. we have been eating tomato sandwiches out the yahoo lately lol..

Cammy said...

I enjoyed summer more this year than I have in the past twenty. It reminded me of those barefoot days so many years (so *very* many) ago.

I agree that the "fried" blossoms are a MUST. There are some rituals that must be observed. :)

JC said...

Well fried pumpkin blossoms is a new one for me. Not sure I want to try it but they do look good. Actually, I don't know where I would get a pumpkin blossom. I need to snoop around my neighborhood and see if I can find a pumpkin plant. LOL

Hope you hear about the job soon.

Twix said...

I've never tried any but they sound and look delicious!!