Friday, August 8, 2008


How am I doing on this week's challenge - drinking all that water? Actually - pretty good! I have been filling my 32 oz. Brita Bottle twice daily and sipping though out the day. I was going to try to set my computer to remind me (as suggested by Cammy) but alas - being the technologically challenged ace that I am - couldn't figure out how.

I have found that drinking a tall glass with my meals helps. But I still need to make sure I get in my milk (which I usually did with dinner ) now I'm saving it for bedtime. Got to have that calcium at my age...

I still have not succumbed to the fast food beast either. Taking this step by step is working for me so far. The few pounds that had crept back on this summer have left again. Good riddance!

It's raining cats & dogs outside right now (and yes...the tent is still set up) but at least it's standing! My sisters & I are going to try to squeeze in a camping trip in early September (in a camper). That'll be a challenge. When the four of us get together (sister in law included in that count) we tend to eat as much as we talk. Hopefully by then I'll have enough good habits going that it won't be as difficult as I'm imagining. I've got a month to instill some more good habits.

I've not much else to say today...would rather see what the rest of you are up to.

TGIF and have a great weekend :-)


Honi said...

we have had these monster thunderstorms.. yesterday i had errands to run regarding moms estate so i was going to leave work at 3.. my husband calls .. tells me to go straight home and he will drive me whereever i have to go.. he is never an alarmist but on his way home from a meeting he said the clouds rolling in looked horrible... so.. he decided he should drive me around instead.. since my car needs new brakes and tires.. so he drove me around yesterday afternoon .. the weather never got horrible but man you would have thought we were going to have tornados... glad u are doing well on your water.. I am really trying in that department as well..

Big Girl said...

Enjoy the rain.

I think of you everytime I go fill up my glass again thinking of how hard it is to get in as much water that is recommended.

have a great weekend too!