Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Has anyone else been plagued with all the rain this summer? It seems to have rained more than I can ever remember! It clears up fast and gets hot (humid!) again quickly - but still! Enough already!

Our last night in the mountains it began raining as soon as we got in our tent and continued until about 11:00 AM (which meant I had to take the tent down in the rain and set it back up again when I got home so it could dry out.) Setting it up the second time went much smoother without the aid of a 3 year old...

Well -I decided to leave it up all day Monday to give it a good airing. And then yesterday I thought.... "better take that tent down could rain..." And no sooner had the thought crossed my mind and the thunder rumbled and it poured. I mean POURED!

So this morning I look out the window and the sun is shining (yay) but the tent had collapsed in the night! (I guess maybe I should've let grandbaby help me set it up the second time too!)

So now I must set the darn thing up yet a third time and let it air out. Gheesh!

On a more positive note - I got all my water in yesterday!


JC said...

Good Morning, We are still short on rain in Alabama but it seems that when we do get a good rain. Lighting and very strong winds come with it.

Thanks for paying me a visit. I have updated Day 7 with pictures.

Have a great day of no fast food and lots of water. JC

Andrew is getting fit said...'s been raining for the last 3 weeks here. Having said that it's Winter!

Cammy said...

We're the opposite here--near drought conditions. But we're getting rain today! Yaay

Hope your days are drier ahead! :)