Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random thoughts on the Big Hole.

Job interview over.

Perfunctory thank you note is mailed.

Now the waiting game.

Tum de dum dum (can you hear my fingers drumming?) At least they aren't rifling through the cupboard looking for something to eat.

Tonight is the intervention. I've written my letter and said a whole lot of prayers. The rest is up to my nephew. And God, I'm hoping he chooses to go for help. It hurts to see my sister go through this. Thank you for the kind seems no one is immune to the ravages of drug addiction these days. Everyone is trying to fill up that big void in their lives with something. If not drugs...then alcohol, pornography, shopping, food. Gasp! Did I say food?

Face it. When we feel empty inside - the most logical thing to do is to try to fill ourselves up. With anything! I've been tying to re-wire those synapses in my brain to crave new things and abolish old habits. In the process I've dusted off my bible and invited God to fill up some of that emptiness. You know what? It's making a difference. In more areas than just the food. (confession here - Lora struggles in several areas.) But things are changing. And it's a good feeling. The less in control I am - the more control I have over trouble spots in my life. Does that makes sense to any of you or am I just rambling today?

Now if we can convince that dear nephew of mine to look elsewhere to fill the void (as in up) it will have been a good day.

I'm off for a walk right now. Summer's flying by and I want to eek every glorious moment left that I can! I'll check in tomorrow before I head for the lake. (Don't forget to leave those comments so your name gets in the hat!) And even though winter is coming - Cto5k works great on a treadmill too!


JC said...

I will be keeping you and your whole family in my prayers regarding your job and your nephew's addiction. Teen challenge is an excellent program. My friend's brother when through their program years ago and it really change his life completely. God never fails. Grace and blessings to you.

Scale Junkie said...

I've likened my need to fill the void with food with my sister who is a recovering drug addict and her need to fill the void with drugs.

I hope you get the job!!!

new*me said...

I used to shove anything in my mouth to fill the empty void. I am learning each day to eat for the right reasons.

Enjoy your walk. I hope the intervention goes well.

Pattie said...

Best of luck tonight, Lora. Do let us know how it goes. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Good luck!

Heather said...

hope all goes well! food definitely can be an addiction (or lack of it as well). it really isnt so different from drugs or alcohol or whatever, because you are right, people are missing something and looking for that missing piece in their addiction, whatever it may be.

grammy said...

I love that picture. That dog looks like he is praying too. That is an excellant way to fill the void. God! Hope and pray this will work for him.

Twix said...

Summer is flying by! Way to fast indeed. I'll be praying for your nephew. ((hugs))