Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hanging in there!

I know I've used this pic before - but it bears repeating.

The small plate has been used for every meal and it truly makes a difference. I've gotten some great suggestions from some of you with methods to use when the small plate is not available (ie. when I'm somewhere besides home.)

~ create an imaginary border around the plate and only eat what's inside it

~ don't let any of my food touch

~ move my food to a salad or bread plate and box the rest to take home

Good thinking guys! Thanks! It's amazing how the power of suggestion can actually control what we eat and how full we think we are. I've been satisfied with what's on my little plate and done quite well. And of course all that water has been helping too. I've found that downing a glass before I eat helps make the tummy feel fuller too.

The water has still been my biggest struggle. Only because I'm forgetful. But I'm getting better!

The fast food hasn't been an issue at all. I don't even notice the Golden Arches now when I'm driving by. Grand baby never misses them though. He'll ask...."Gramma do we have any money?" And I'll say "No. Sorry babe." To which he responds "Okay. No McDonalds today....maybe tomorrow." Gotta love three year olds!

I hope that any of you who are following along with this are finding as much success as I am. For me - I'm finding that by looking at these small changes as permanent changes my whole mindset has somehow altered itself. I'm not denying myself - I'm choosing to do things differently.

And that has made the difference.


RunningNan said...

That is awesome! When I decide I'm done with food while eating out, and there's nothing good to take with me, I put what ever dressing may be left, or ketchup, my napkin and just make it less appetizing to pick at!

Andrew is getting fit said...

The small plate has been a brilliant idea for me as well.

JC said...

Your doing great. Several days into the new week. YEA!!! When I eat out I ask the server to half my meal and put one half carry out. That keeps me from wanting to eat it all and I have a meal for later. Some foods don't do well as left overs. I've discovered that I eat out less and less. I wait until I'm eating with someone else which is about once a week. Sometimes we share a menu item. so we both don't over do.

Grace and blessings to you.

Grumpy Chair said...

You know what I love about the smaller salad plates? Finding new ones. I love Target and have bought several different salad plates that are square and just perfect.

You are doing great on your goals and I admire how you just drive by "mcD's". Out here in the middle of hickville, I don't have to worry about McD's on every corner. . . thankfully, because it was so easy to feed the kids there.

Thanks for checking in with me and your continued support.

Manuela said...

It's funny how we think that we are starving when we actually aren't!

That smaller plate next to the bigger one really shows how important our brains our in sending signals to our stomachs.

I didn't see that pic the last time so I'm glad you shared it :)

(only one post this time!)

Cammy said...

Way to go, Lora! Bit by bit by bit... :)

grammy said...

Hi Lora, Just thought I would say Hi. I have been stopping by your blog for awhile now but never left a comment. I have made big changes in my life in the last year. Water! I drink it now. I actually crave it. Crazy thing. I fill up my bottles at night and put them in the frig. All day I work on getting rid of them so to speak. It is fun to see the empties lined up on the counter and know I have drank that much. By the way, nothing even sounds good at McDonalds anymore. Well, once every three months or so I get a sausage McMuffin wih egg. So many calories and sooo much fat. I'd rather use that on something like a lite mocha frap from starbucks (:

Pattie said...

Yay you! Keep chipping away and soon you'll be living a while new lifestyle!

MizFit said...


my daughter already is asking that when we drive past McDoogals (her word)