Sunday, August 10, 2008

Challenge #3.....

Well, I've managed to get through the second week my personal challenges and I must say - I thought drinking the required amount of water would be the easiest of all challenges. After all - that one required putting something in my mouth - not the other way around. But it's going to be a struggle until it becomes second nature. I did manage to do pretty well most days. And I've avoided all ff joints for 2 weeks now. That actually was easier to do than I thought. And I don't even miss it.

Which brings me to week three. My personal challenge for this week is to use a smaller plate at every meal. I was doing that for a while and it worked pretty well. The problem smaller plate was too small (I don't have an in-between size in my set of dishes so I was using a saucer!) Now that was small! I had to crowd my food onto it just to get anything at all which was difficult to say the least. So I got myself a medium size plate (it measures 8 1/2 inches across) vs the normal 10 1/2 inches across... Which might not seem like a big difference - but you math geniuses out there would beg to differ, right?

Sparing you the details, the area of my smaller plate is approximately 60 square inches. The larger plate has an area of 86 square inches. That's 26 less square inches of space to put food. And if I can incorporate this one little change into my life permanently - I know it will make a difference over time. And I'm banking on the fact that once I've done this enough times - I'll automatically know what amount of food I should be eating so that when I'm at a place where only larger plates are available - I'll still be able to keep my food intake at the smaller level.

I know all of this seems too easy. Like little bitty baby steps - but it's really working for me so far. Just having to concentrate on one new thing each week is keeping me from feeling overwhelmed.

I'm sure it'll get a bit more complicated as each new week brings a new challenge - but I also realize that with each new week - it's one more week that I'll have been doing the previous challenges which have to get easier with time, right? RIGHT!

So here I am on the cusp of week three.

  • No fast food

  • 64 oz. of water ever day

  • eat all meals on my smaller plate

Yep. I can do this.


Roxie said...

Good luck with week three challenge!

JC said...

YEA I'm so proud of you Lora!!! You are inspiring me to get on with losing what I have left to lose. I know you will be successful next week. One thing you might want to try regarding plates. If you have or are at a function with large plates. Imagine a two inch border around the outside of the plate. I have plates with said border. Don't cover the border with food. Works great. I like seeing the food inside the border. Have a great week. Grace and blessings to you.

Kate said...

I've been dying to get smaller dishes as well. I noticed the other day at my favorite restaurant, that the plates were now much smaller than they were two years ago. Pretty clever ;) I just wish that they made different size dishes for the home.

Fabulous @ 50

Cammy said...

You know I'm a big fan of the small changes, so I predict nothing but success for you. Some will be harder than others to incorporate, but you've got the moxie to do it!

CactusFreek said...

I didn't even make it through the first week i set for myself with your challenge lol

You really seem to be getting on top of things, go you!! :o)

MizFit said...

doesnt seem easy.
it can be HARD to make these small changes week after week and keep LAYERING em (as in not let last week's drop :)) huh?


Pattie said...

You BET you can do this!! Making small changes is the only way to make the lifestyle change stick.

When I led WW meetings, I would remind my members of the TNT method of eating: Things Not Touching. Whatever you put on your plate, make sure none of it touches. Automatic portion control! Works great at buffets and on Thanksgiving. ;-)

Your smaller plate serves the same purpose. And I'm so proud of you for no FF stops. Wow - good for you, Lora!

Manuela said...

Oh Lora, the running has actually been getting tough because of some pain in my knee. It's been a few weeks now but it's so hard to just stop! I thought 3 days a week would be okay though so I'll try for another 3 miles tomorrow.

I think it's great that you're doing so well with your personal challenges. Awesome :)

themarlatts said...

I haven't stopped by in a while, so I was excited to see you've kept up your fast food moratorium! I'm way impressed.

I'm also cracking up at your plate mathematics!

Lynn said...

Baby steps is definitely the way to go. I know when we started our eating plans, we switched to the smaller plates. Now, our dinner plates are HUGE, like 12 inches huge... and then our salad plates are about seven inches. We also got smaller bowls, rice/cereal bowls instead of the huge soup/salad bowls that we'd been using. You can fit over a pint of ice cream in our large bowls and it not look crowded.

Lillian said...

I like small changes. Good luck with the plate thing. If you don't have smaller plate, leave more empty space on the plate. I don't use that technique since I eat mostly vegetables and the idea with vegetables is to eat more not less.

alwayswithme said...

Good idea on challenging yourself to new behaviors each week. I'm doing the same thing too but with exercise. I just wish I could figure out how to say no to the huge sweet tooth or brain I have. I hope your week goes wonderfully and that you have a weight loss.

Big Girl said...

I try and take smaller portions and I think a smaller plate would help. I love the idea.

I'm off to get more water.

Great job on the no FF...awesome!

RunningNan said...

I know the water is hard... You do so well for a few days, then all of a sudden one day comes along and you just forget. I love my smaller plates, except I don't really eat off them!

Manuela said...

Congrats on the challenge but even moreso on the Master's. I had no idea! What is it in?

I know what you mean about the job--my master's is in Library science (try to find a job there :( I hope that combined with my teaching degree it will make me a more attractive hire. Gotta be positive no matter how hard that can be at times.

Manuela said...

Oops, commented twice on this post! I thought I'd read about your smaller plates already.

Still wishing you the best even though my brain is lost in limbo :)