Saturday, July 19, 2008

Roll Out THose Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer....

Last night we had grandbaby over to the new house to see the fireflies. They have been out the past few weeks and last night they were spectacular! After a quick meal we made a campfire and waited for dark. Once the moon was up in the sky where it's supposed to be we climbed onto the golf cart and rode through the trails in the woods. There were so many fireflies that some actually were flying right in front of our faces like sparks zipping through the air! Grandbaby squealed with delight and kept saying "More Papa! Let's go see some more!"
The sounds of the peepers have given way to the call of the locusts (earlier than normal hubby says.) Probably the heat. The mosquitoes have been obnoxious but it's a small price to pay for the glories of summer. It was a good night.

As we ride through the 4 acres we have I can't help but envision the grandchildren someday - having the best time on this property! With the trails through the woods, the water slide hubby built (yep...a water slide - see the pic) the gardens and secret hiding spots - I just know that they will build memories that will last a lifetime! I truly believe that memories are the glue that hold our otherwise mundane lives together. I hear the locusts and I'm back in the field behind my childhood home on a blazing hot summer day chasing butterflies. I smell a woodsy campfire and I'm once again at my favorite campground as a kid.... I walk barefoot on the wet grass and I'm still 10 years old. A few weeks ago I got my brother on law to take his shoes off and walk to the far back edge of the property with me. It was well after midnight and raining slightly. He thought I was nuts...this executive type guy that pushes papers all day at his desk. He's still talking about it! Each step through the tall wet grass lit only by the starlight took him back to his childhood and closer to the earth.

Tonight we're having a few friends over for a campfire. I swear - I've sat before more campfires this summer than I think I have combined in the past 20 years. There must be some primitive longing in each of us that draws us to communing over a fire or walking along a shoreline. At least for me anyway. I've always been an outdoorsy person - a camper, hiker, boater, backpacker... Perhaps that's why I dislike winter so much. It keeps me stuck inside.

And now as I write this...I hear thunder rumbling. Some time ago this would've put a real damper (pardon the pun) on our plans for the evening. No more. We've learned to enjoy the summer no matter what. The campfire is sheltered enough by the tall pines that it doesn't matter if it rains. We have a big pavilion to dash under if it gets really wet. And I've learned to live with wet hair. That's the nice thing about getting older. Somethings just don't matter as much anymore. And others...well they do!

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Pattie said...

I agree, Lora: there ARE some benefits to getting older, and one of them is learning to relax and enjoy life just a wee bit more.

What a lovely post. I think you're right: having all that outdoor space will build wonderful memories for all of you in the years to come.

Enjoy, m'dear - you've earned every minute of it!