Monday, July 28, 2008

Road Trips, Bears and No Fast Food!

I'm home from the lake *sigh* and itching already to get back there. Summers are just not long enough here.

I managed to tackle my challenge and NOT stop for fast food at any time during the weekend. Which was a feat since I spent 6 hours in the car through out the weekend.

I'm feeling good about this new method I'm incorporating. It seems manageable. I'm going to make Sundays my day for adding each new step to this plan (since I started on a Thursday...and that's a weird day to begin anything.)

So that means the rest of this week my main focus is still steering clear of the Golden Arches or anything remotely similar. And again...I reiterate.....that doesn't mean after this week I can return. It just means that this week - that's the demon I'm tackling.

I pretty much have my 12 steps planned out. Looking at them all together (as a list) looks very similar to most of my past diet plans. Except before - I'd try to tackle everything all at once. Which always set me up for failure. Doing one thing at a time seems much more plausible. On the way to the lake I just kept telling myself this is the only thing you have to worry about, Lora. And it was easier. Go figure.

I have another road trip planned this weekend. Late hubby's family has a reunion every August in the Adirondack Mountains. Family comes from all over the country to attend. Hubby was one of 7 kids so between all his siblings and theirs kids and grand kids....we get quite a crowd. Present hubby never attends. He feels this is our time (the kids & I) to be able to reminisce and catch up with loved ones without worrying about him feeling left out.

Usually we stay at a nearby motel but this year we've decided to rough it and camp at a campground 2 miles away. Me, my girls and their hubbies and grand baby. In a tent! I've always been a camper and we started out in a tent many years ago. But that progressed to a pop-up and then a motor home. The motor home was sold after hubby died so's back to square one. The tent. Which wouldn't be so bad except Inlet, NY is bear country. I mean real bear country! The last time my cousins stayed at this same campground, a bear broke into their car to get to their cooler. There are steel drums with locks at each campsite now for coolers and food items. And warnings posted everywhere about not leaving anything remotely resembling food out anywhere on your site - not wearing the clothes you cooked in to bed - absolutely NO FOOD in your tent.... So I'm a little nervous. Okay. I'm a lot nervous!

More nervous about that than fighting the urge to stop midway though the 4 hour drive their to eat at a ff joint. Besides - the last thing I want to do is crawl into my tent that night smelling like a Big Mac!


CactusFreek said...

This "diet plan" isn't just like any other plan coz this is YOUR diet plan!

Good on you for making that trip with no junk food, i'm really impressed :o))

Pattie said...

I've heard that bears are very partial to Quarter Pounders, so avoid them at all costs. ;-)

Don’t think about the times you've tried this in the past, Lora. That only gets us in trouble (me included!) This is your time to make it happen - one step at a time. And you WILL succeed. I just know it!

RunningNan said...

I know you won't stop for fast food.. I just know it! I like the 12 step plan. Seems to be a lot of them out there!

Scale Junkie said...


in a tent!!!!!

are all of the Holiday Inn's broken?

MizFit said...


that is a feat...for some reason car trips and AIRPORTS so test my resolve.

an avowed NONCAMPER,


Irish Mom said...

OMG, I'd be tooo scared to brave that!! Awesome job staying away from the junk!!

Twix said...

Welcome home! Woah that's a big bear! And high five on no fast food!! That is a huge accomplishment, I can realte to!! Way to go! :D Keep it up and we're going to make those golden archies go out of business, hee. :D Have a fantastic week!!

dadivastreet said...

Way to go on the no junk food! Bears love French Fries too! I admire you for the tent/camping! If it doesn't have air conditioning & carpet, I just can't do it. Maybe I'll change! Have a wonderful trip.

Mama Bear June said...

Too funny. Yeah, avoid Mickey Dees, for many reasons!!!! Will be praying for a bear-free trip. ;-) On a camping trip we made many years ago, my husband and I were sleeping under the stars in lounge chairs. I woke up to a skunk's tail brushing my foot as he walked under my chair! We were still and he walked off - thankfully! We have bears in our neighborhood, so no sleeping out in tents here! LOL
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Honi said...

I think its all about what works for your life style and anytime you can change habits or create new ones thats always a good deal. much luck to u for keeping on keeping on! and I must say u are far braver than I would ever be.. camping out to me .. is a best western inn

Cammy said...

You know, the next time I have an urge for a Whopper Jr w/cheese (when I've already had one recently), I'm going to visualize a big old black bear standing on a scale. That oughta do it! :)

Glad you had a great time, and congrats on fighting down your demon!

Manuela said...

Good for you.

Have another wonderful weekend. I'd love to see some mountains!

Simone said...

Well done.

Like the idea of a 12 step plan.