Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Weekend....

I didn't run as promised. Not good. (Even though I had a legitimate reason.) Grandbaby woke up with a fever that eventually found it's way up to 103.5 which sent us to the Doctor's office. Poor little guy has some kind of a bug but since his mommy was at work all day - it was Grammy's job to cuddle & snuggle him through the rough spots.

So that was Friday's excuse.

Saturday - I was still working on that mountain of laundry (which now thank goodness is barely a mole hill) and then cut the grass which was way too long from our week away. (I cut here - hubby cuts at the new place. (Good deal....1/2 acre vs. 4 acres.) I then went over to the the new house to pick blueberries. The bushes were overflowing and time is of the essence if we want to beat the birds. All that and then we had to be at a graduation party by 2:00. And the run (which was ever in the back of my mind - did not happen.) Did I mention it was well over 90 degrees yesterday too?

Today it's been raining since I got up and I just can't bring myself to go out & run in the pouring ran. I did it once while it was drizzling...but not in a steady downpour. I'm not that devoted. And Sunday being a day of rest and all that.....

I see a very grim pattern happening. I have to *repeat * HAVE TO get back on track here!

So that's been my weekend. Hope yours has been more fruitful!


Pattie said...

Oy! All that hormonal stuff drives me crazy! Two periods in one month; forgetfulness; hot flashes... I'm SO ready for it all to be over and done with!

Isn't it fun being in our 50's?? LOL!

Hang in there, Lora - you're not alone.

Anonymous said...

I hope the little guy is feeling better and you too

RunningNan said...

That would be interesting to see if your weight drops back down a little bit. I know when I am on different birth control pills, my weight is affected differently. I'd rather put up with the weight than the PMDD I tend to get with out it