Friday, July 25, 2008

Lake Bound....

I'm leaving for the lake in about 10 minutes. My nephew is getting married at a place on one of the Finger Lakes and the cottage is closer to the wedding than it is to home.

I WILL NOT stop for fast food on the way!! Even though food is my drug of choice when things get tense....which they are right now.

My husband is not going to the wedding with me. He backed out at the last minute (which was this morning) and is his normal M.O.

More later.


Cammy said...


Safe travels!

Scale Junkie said...

Tsk, typical male!

Have a very safe trip Lora and enjoy the wedding...stay away from that DRUG!

Pattie said...

I second Cammy: MEN!

I hope you drove right by all those fast food place, waving and saying, "Buh bye - don't need you any more!"

MizFit said...

frick (hubby back out)

we all are.

did you stock yer trunk?
if no remember you CAN hit the drive through from fruit and 2 grilled chicken sandwiches (among other stuffs)----just toss the buns, shove in foil wrapper and eat yer chickensicle.

travel safely.

MizFit said...

moron here.

just saw I was LATE TO THE PARTY.

how did it all go??

Lora said...

Mizfit....The reception was great - the lake was great - the weekend was great!

Not sure about the "chickensicle" this point avoiding the ff joints seems wiser for me. I could melt down when the voice in the box says "can I take your order...."