Monday, October 22, 2007

Facing Reality...

It's Monday morning and I feel in control today! In fact...I've felt in control for the past few days. And darn if it doesn't feel good!

I'm concentrating on the little changes and it really does help! Like the smaller plate idea ~ and the eating slower deal ~ and the more water thing. Those things really do make a difference!

I came across this site this morning also - mentioned on another blog, that definitely merits sharing. I certainly know that I have been guilty of blaming every circumstance in my life at times for my being fat. But it really isn't any one's fault but my own. I got myself into this shape. It's up to me to get myself out of it - and into the shape I was meant to be. Yep. None of us were born to be fat. We may have been born to be blond or brunette or short or tall. But NOT fat! Some things we can't control. But what we put into our mouths and how much we move...well, that we can!

So read this article. It's in your face - but it's all true! And I I know, that the turning point for most of us is when we finally decide to be accountable and face the fact that no one is gonna' do this for us.

So let's win this fight and kick some butt!


john - from fat to fit said...

Good for you! Feeling in control is indeed a great feeling, and one that we should aspire to. I didn't feel in control last week up through last night, but this morning I worked out, had a good breakfast and am looking forward to a great week.

Christine said...

Very happy for you that you are feeling so in control! :)