Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dessert Anyone?

In spite of a real indulgence last night ~ I'm doing okay. I ate very light yesterday knowing I'd be going to The Cheesecake Factory with my sisters , aunts & cousins last night. We try to get together every month or so over dinner.

So I'm looking at the menu and thinking about what to order. I could've done a salad but I was so good all day that I didn't want to. Now I'm not a dessert person when I go out to eat. I mean, I NEVER order it. (I've usually stuffed my face so full already that I couldn't eat more if I wanted to.) But last night I figured...hey, I'm here and this is basically a dessert place so what the heck. Besides...I was skipping dinner so it seemed a wash.

I ordered the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. I remember now another reason I never order desserts. They're just too darn rich for me. I ate half of it and stopped. I never even got to the big dollop of chocolate on top. I boxed it up and brought it home for hubby. (Who was much appreciative!)

So this morning I go online to assess the damages. 910 calories and 64 grams of fat! Yikes! But then again...I only ate half. And I DID skip dinner.

And know what else? I'm down another pound! Which brings me to 190.3 pounds. I'm almost to the 180's! Yoohoo!


Christine said...

Are you fricking kidding me with the calories in that cheesecake? That's just crazy! I hope that you enjoyed every bite - we need to invent a low calorie cheesecake that tastes like heaven - we would be millionares!

Congrats on your loss!!!

Lauren said...

I still have yet to visit the cheesecake factory, maybe it's better that way. lol. congrats on the loss.

*ccc* said...

Good job with your loss! Fabulous news :)

And Cheesecake Factory is a dangerous, dangerous place. The only consolation I have when I go there is that usually, I am so full, one bite of someone else's cheesecake will satisfy my sweet tooth without making me groan in pain.

Although I had to smile at the pic you posted--that's the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and it has a special place in my heart. The night of my bachelorette party, my friends and I were very trashed when we suddenly decided we wanted chocolate.

We stopped at Cheesecake Factory and split one of those. Sipping champagne, toasting my impending marriage, spending time with my best friends and chocolate--all the makings of a beautiful memory :)