Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dinner For Two....

Last night we had our first "real" meal in the new house. We ate sandwiches a couple times before while standing amidst the saw dust and lumber - but that doesn't count.

I've been trying to visualize what it will be like when we set up our kitchen table in front of the new double window we just installed in the old bedroom that will soon be a kitchen. Sooo...I brought a crock pot full of venison stew, some fresh biscuits, a bottle of wine and a few other props. I found a dusty old card table in the old cellar and threw a tablecloth over it, and brought up two folding chairs. I picked a few flowers that haven't succumbed to fall yet and stuck them in a little crystal vase I had in my bag of props. I brought dishes from home, set the table, lit a candle and called hubby in from his shop.

When I told him we'd be eating "in" tonight he said. "Oh really? And where do you think we're going to sit?" To which I did my best Vanna White arm swoop and said "Why right here , honey!" He was surprised and pleased - and being the practical guy hubby is - this pleased me as well.

It was really kind of romantic. And I know that years from now, as we sit at the kitchen table, reading the paper, sipping our coffee and not really noticing the other is there ~ that every now and then the memory of last night will creep in and we'll both smile...

The meal was good too! And healthy (except for the biscuits) but I couldn't resist. The veggies were from our garden and the venison (well...that was from our yard as well...but we won't go there.)

Anyhoo - tonight I'm taking grand baby over while his mommy works a night shift. The weather has been unseasonably warm again - 70 yesterday! - and we're going to make a campfire and cook out on the grill. I just can't let a warm fall night pass without squeezing every bit of summer out of it that I can. This has been the year of the longest summer and I am loving it!

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*ccc* said...

Aww, that sounds like a fantabulous meal and a wonderful memory.

Enjoy the new home...I'm sure you guys will :)