Friday, October 5, 2007

Before and After....So Far

Just wanted to post some pics of the progress we're making on the house these days. The wall is knocked out between the new & the old. The doors and windows are in on the new part. We still need to install the new windows on the old part - though hubby got the bay window in finally so the hardest part is over. We're thinking it's going to take a longer than we first "guestimated" so maybe we won't be celebrating Christmas there after all. But hey - ya' never know!
The second pic only shows the new part that was tacked on to the existing house (seen in first pic). The existing house is hidden in the shadows of the second pic.

If anything I'm certainly developing some arm muscles during this project. Lifting, tugging, pulling and stretching....I'm feeling it, that's for sure! I have a bad case of tendonitis in my left elbow that started earlier this summer when I was mulching the gardens. I've pretty much tried to ignore it but this house building has aggravated it a lot.

Last night we picked some jalapeno peppers from the garden and stuffed them with sausage. We covered each with a small wedge of bacon and grilled them. I'm thinking they probably weren't the best choice in the world - but hubby wanted some and I didn't eat very many. It was our dinner - nothing else - so I guess it wasn't too bad. It's just been soooo incredibly nice weather wise and we couldn't resist having a campfire and grilling a late night dinner.

I may trek to to the lake solo Sunday to check things out - cut the grass - see if we've caught any more mice - see what Mr. Imanass has done while we've been away. Maybe if I find some dead mice I'll stuff them in his maibox. Just kidding!
It was supposed to be a long weekend - just the two of us. But being the workaholic hubby is - once again he has decided that he can't take the time off to go. So...I'm going by my lonesome :-(
Crappo! This has been the warmest summer in eons and it's going to be in the 80's this weekend (I can remember Columbus Day Weekends when it snowed!) and we haven't enjoyed the cottage but a few times all season. (Can you detect a bit of bitterness here?)

Anyhoo - I've gotta' get over to the other house and help hubby with the windows. Hope the motivation factor is moving and grooving for everyone!

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Christine said...

How exciting for you! Thanks for sharing the pictures!