Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm Back!

Oh life is good! I'm sitting here sipping my morning coffee in front of my own computer in my own house! It's back...where it belongs! I've missed being able to read all my favorite blogs. I've missed being able to look up a recipe on line. I've missed staying in touch with friends and family far away through e-mail. How did the pioneers cope without phones and PC's?

I have gotten a bit of motivation back....I feel like the pendulum is ready to swing the other way again. Perhaps it's the change of seasons. Fall is in the air...the leaves are turning color....this time of year has always left with me with a breath of new beginnings. Probably because September has always been the start of a new school year as long as I can remember. When I was in school...when my kids were in school....and also as a teacher myself. This September has been unseasonably warm - it hit 91 last week! And not teaching this year and no kids to send has just seemed like an extended summer. But the nights are chillier and the sun shines on my deck at a different angle now. When we walk through the woods on our property we meander through fallen leaves. We don't swat mosquitoes anymore and even the night sounds are different. The crickets sing a different song in the fall.

Last night hubby and I took a golf cart ride through the trails in the woods and he stopped and said, "Listen! Can you hear it? Fall is here." I never realized that you can "hear" the seasons but I guess you can!

So...with this advent of a new season - I feel like it's a good time to hop back on that proverbial wagon I fell off of a few months ago - you know, the one I've been chasing all summer! I've got the journal out - the Weight Watchers materials are with it. I've been half heartedly trying to get with it but right now - I feel like I can do this once again.

It's good to be back!


Christine said...

So happy that you are back! I don't think I would have kept myself together without my computer!

Looking forward to a great October!

Lauren said...

You can do it!!! one day at a time, one meal at a time, one minute at a time if necessary. and if you make a poor choice with one meal, you can make a good choice with the next.

Lauren said...

So, the Frittata, I'm kind of a just throw it all in kind of girl, so what did was I took 3 egg whites, 1 yolk, mixed those with a splash of milk, like, a third of a zucchini, cut up into chunks, 5 slices of ham, cut into chunks, some parmesean cheese, and some shredded cheese on top, I threw it all into a frying pan and let it cook like I would an omelette, when it was mostly set, but the top was still jiggly I put it in my toaster oven (use a real oven if you have one) and just baked it until it was set completely. I like mine a bit brown, but do it however you like. Also, the ingredients are totally changeable, use any kinds of meat or if you don't like meat, that's cool I plan on experimenting with eggplant next. Thanks for visiting my blog.