Thursday, October 11, 2007

Green Tea..Walks...and Big Macs....

It's 8 am and cold outside. Only 40 degrees Brrr! What happened to summer? It was here two days ago! So I'm telling myself right now as I sip a really good cup of Joe - to get my sneakers on and go out side and walk. Except nothing's happening.

I am procrastination at it's finest.

I just know I'd feel great if I went out into the brisk air and took a walk. Why is it so easy at the lake? At the lake - a day isn't complete with at least one walk around it. Here...well there just isn't that much to see besides the cows at the corner. I keep telling myself that when we're living at the new house (it's a mile from the canal) I'll probably walk more (or bike - I LOVE biking the canal) but it's something one must do with a buddy. It's not a place to walk alone unfortunately. And hubby is NOT a walker. Late hubby was. We walked all the time.

Okay. I AM going to walk when I finish this post.

On a side note. Yesterday I bought this awesome green tea. I've tried drinking green tea before. It's got lots of good anti-oxidants in it and is supposed to be good for weight loss. But it always tastes kind of bitter. And sweetening it up isn't an option for obvious reasons not to mention I don't put sweetener in anything caffeinated. It's yucky.

So this green tea caught my eye because it said it was flavored with orange rind and sweet spice. And I have to tell you - it was awesome! I really enjoyed it. So now I think I've found a way to get green tea into my diet. And maybe carve out a little down time to de-stress while I'm at it.

I've also stashed a container of almonds in my car. If I pop a few into my mouth when the hungries hit it helps keep my car from turning into nasty places that serve fat-laden fries and burgers.

Other than that - things are stagnant. I ate good yesterday until the evening. Hubby & I were at the new house trying to decide how to lay out the new kitchen....laying 2x4's on the floor to visualize things and all of a sudden we realized it was 11:00! We hadn't eaten and neither of us was up to driving home and making something to eat so we decided to order out. Of course every place we called was closed and we were getting desperate. Then hubby said, "Well, we'll pass Mickey D's on the way home."

"NO! I'm not eating there!"

"Well, we really don't have a choice." Looking back we had plenty of choices....

And of course I relented, And because they didn't have my Southwest Salad (and all the others are gross) I ordered a Big Mac. I know. I know! What was I thinking? I guess I wasn't. So at 11:15 PM I downed this super fattening meal and then went to bed. So yes. I NEED to walk this morning. (Like walking will burn a Big Mac off....) But at least it's something.

All right. I'm off. It's now or never and the cows are waiting to see me.


R.E. said...

Sending you an invitation to add your blog to Writing Healthy, a new top list for diet bloggers. My goal with Writing Healthy is to share motivation, healthy thoughts, and diet tips from bloggers across the web working on weight loss.

Continued good luck with healthy living!

Cody H. said...

Big mac, yuck! I found your blog on google, and I think you're a cool person looking to enhance your life by any close means as possible. As a person with the same general interest as you, except much younger and a different gender I can tell you that the best thing you can do to your body is turn to a raw food diet. That way you can't eat things like that! Why would you eat so late at night anyway? Better to skip the meal and than have a nice light breakfast that way your metabolism will be in overload.

I am personally vegan because of soooo many reasons. Feel free to check out my blog at