Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Little Steps Make Big Strides....

Gosh, I still feel nauseous today. This bug is hanging on. And no...I'm not pregnant!
Last night the hubby and I went to a local restaurant in town to have dinner. It was the place we first met actually - a quaint little canal side place that's nestled in a nostalgic little village nearby. I ordered a sandwich and get this - a side of vegetables! (I am a total FRY girl when it comes to sides.) When the "whatever" syndrome started to surface, I fought back and told myself that it will be the little changes that will add up and make a difference. As it turned out the veggies were totally gross and I only ate a few forkfuls. (I would've eaten a lot more fries.)
And then the stomach thing hit. And all of a sudden the sandwich I was eating was too much. So I asked for a take out box. I'd only eaten about 4 bites of the sandwich. I NEVER get a take out box. I belong to the clean your plate club even if I have to force the last bites down. You know...starving kids in China and all that....

But taking the box home and just enjoying my husband's company instead of focusing on the food was kind of nice. And I think this incident showed me that yes - I CAN do it! (Not finish the whole meal if I'm full - AND order veggies instead of fries.) I'll be more particular about the veggies I order though.
I'm starting to feel changes in my eating style creeping in and that's a good thing. Even if I had to be sick in order to get the ball rolling. Now if I can get the exercise thing rolling again. With the good weather here - there will be lots of walking!
So baby steps....all the way to that elusive black dress that is waiting for me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey--Im wondering if you were starting to catch something and maybe thats why the veggies tasted nasty!(Thats my false hope! LOL Im terrified of veggies)

Anyways, way to go! You sound like you are doing great!