Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So this is what I feel like today! Seriously! (And no....that's not me in the picture - but that's how I'm seeing myself today.)
Actually, when I woke up I felt pretty good. I stepped on my arch enemy Mr. Scale and it said I weighed 178 pounds. I was ecstatic! (Did I mention in an earlier post that I hated my scale?) Yes...I believe I did. Because it lies. And it did. My daughter went to the Dr. today and weighed herself before she left. And then compared that with what the Dr's scale said (same clothing, yada yada yada) and it was 10 pounds HIGHER! So am I actually 188??? UGHHHHH! I want to die!

Anyway, I do feel fatter than ever before. You know how the Special K ads talk about pinching an inch? Well...I can pinch about 4 inches. Really. I can't pinch an inch. I'm too fat!
So I'm feeling pretty crappy right now. But I'm NOT giving up. Nope. Not me not now. (another commercial catch phrase.)

I'm buying a new scale. So I can hate it some more.

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