Friday, March 23, 2007

All Together Now!

Yesterday I did some blog surfing. For inspiration. And motivation. It helped. One in particular, Hopeful Loser really did the trick. She has posted photos of her weight loss efforts and it was so neat to see her shrinking!
You know, I always see those before and after photos that are hawking weightloss products and am skeptical. I mean, how do we know they didn't just switch heads & bodies? And have you ever noticed how the "after" shot is always at a different angle? Heck - I can make my self look20 pounds slimmer just by turning my body abit and sucking in my gut too! But this gal, Hopeful Loser had all of her shots at the same angle. No trick photography here! And you can see the transformation right before your eyes! It's inspiring!

So I stood in front of my full length mirror - in my undies - and posed just like her. (And I actually have the same type body she her before pics of course.) But I could imagine myself losing and it seemed real this time! Like as in attainable!

That's why I love blogging. And reading blogs. We're all in this together and as I've stated before, there IS strength in numbers. So the next time I'm tempted to throw in the towel and order that Big Mac - I'm going to remember Hopeful Loser and keep going!

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