Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eating in the Staff Lounge....

So I ate in the teacher's Lounge today. I do long term subbing for Art and bounce from school to school with few breaks in between. So I started a new school this week. And I went to the staff lounge for lunch. Now I remember why I usually eat in my classroom. Teachers that eat in the staff lounge don't eat real food. They eat salads, and cottage cheese, and carrot sticks and yogurt. Everyone drinks bottled water. They're not teachers - they're rabbits!

The teachers who eat REAL food don't go to the staff lounge. You'll find them eating their lunches in their rooms. Big bowls of left-over whatever they had last night....lasagna, chicken french, macaroni and cheese... They usually have a bag of chips stashed in their filing cabinet and candy bars in their desk drawer. Take out bags litter their trash can as well as empty snack packs of anything Hostess.

The teachers who eat in the staff lounge bow down to pressure. They have to "look" right. You know them - just the right outfit, just the right killer necklace, the right leather carry-all they sling over their shoulders as they leave each night (right next to their Gucci purses...) And looking "right" doesn't stop at lunch! They have to eat the "designer" lunch too!

Thing is...these teachers are usually skinny! Oh there's always that one....who eats all kind of garbage for lunch and is skinny as a rail (we're all nice to her but deep down despise her for her random luck in the genetic gene pool) but for the most part...the rest are slim because...well.....they eat right.

So I'm asking myself. This next job lasts until the end of the school year. Where am I going to eat this time around? I could get used to cottage cheese and salads and carrot sticks and yogurt. I think. One thing I know for sure. I could certainly get used to being skinny.

Hmmm. I'll let you know how this one pans out!

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