Sunday, March 25, 2007

Life On Hold....Or Not!

Oh I feel so lousy today.... Achey, runny nose, tired, just plain flu-ish. I'm even skipping church today. No sense spreading the germs while our Pastor spreads the Word.

But being the optimist that I force myself to be ~ there is a bright side to all of this. I'm not hungry. There's been this little throw-up bug circulating through our house and none of us has wanted to eat much. That's about the only thing nice about being sick.

When I was about 21 I got a bad case of something at a clambake and had (well you know.....frequent trips to the potty for almost a month.) I lost 17 pounds without even trying. The unfortunate thing was that I was already thin! And everyone was so concerned. They thought I was dying of some dreadful disease. When all was said and done I gained some of the weight back, but not all. Again during that blissful phase of my life where dieting was something other people did. And I looked great!

So fast forward about 28 years. Now I'd love to lose weight so effortlessly. Well....I don't really want to be potty-bound again. The thing is, how desperate our mindset gets that we would actually welcome being sick if we knew it could help us lose weight. That's why I REALLY want to change my outlook. I want healthy. Not sick.

I remember when my Aunt's mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died 3 months later. We were standing at her casket and my Aunt wistfully commented, "Mom spent her whole life wishing she could be skinny. Now she is. I'll take fat." I never forgot that. Not that fat is any healthier. But it made me remember that life is such a precious gift and we can't waste it on yesterday or tomorrow. Today is all we've got. So I'm going to spend it fully and live it wisely. Sure I want to be thinner. And I'm working toward that goal. But in the meantime, my life isn't on hold until that day. I hope yours isn't either!

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