Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Running, Eating and Chocolate....

It's week 2 of my Couch to 5 k program and I'm loving this so much! I actually look forward to the time and it goes by so quickly! I'm doing a little under 2 miles right now (happens to be the distance from my house to the corner) but I can see as I increase the running times that I'll be doing the route quicker and will need to lengthen it. Next week I'll be delving into the 3 minute runs (which I know seems like cake to you guys out there that run all those miles!) but I'm a little nervous. Which I shouldn't be. Because so far I've not had to stop once (or even thought about it). But I've always hated running! Ever since we had to do all those stupid Physical Fitness tests in grade school and I would run like heck in order to finish in the first few because being the perfectionist I was (am) I couldn't bear to be one of the stragglers.

I never came in first. I didn't even try. (okay...I tried) but I knew I'd never be first because Bobby Latuske was the absolute best athlete there was and she always came in first. Always! So I'd run as fast as my legs would carry me - forget to breathe - get awful side stitches and feel like puking when I was done and settle for 3rd or 4th place. It was NOT fun. And that's why I've always hated running.

But this time is different. I'm not competing with anyone. There is no race to be won - no time to beat. I can stop anytime I want (but so far I haven't wanted to) It feels good when I'm doing the running part and I can not wait until I can get out there someday and just run the whole 5k without stopping! Suddenly that jog around the lake with my daughter doesn't seem so impossible now...

The hike with my sisters didn't happen yesterday. Things came up for several people that made the time frame not workable. We could've met at the trail later - but didn't want to be roaming around at dusk. We've rescheduled for this weekend. I'm excited for that too. I miss hiking in the woods.

So the weight must be just melting off me, right? Wrong. Even tough I've been completely dedicated to the exercise part of this journey (weights included) I've not been so good about the eating part. I start out good. Breakfast and lunch are healthy - within my calorie limits and satisfying. Dinner (albeit eaten late most night due to hubby's schedule) is also not so bad. When I use the small plate and eat slow I do okay. It's that stretch in between - when I walk in the door after school. I beeline for the fridge and want to devour everything in sight! Hmm....that sounds reminiscent of my childhood days. Pattern here?

And I know...I know what you're going to say. Keep healthy foods on hand, fruits... veggies... nuts.... Distract myself. Drink more water. And sometime (not always) I do all that. But lately I've just had the worst chocolate cravings! And it's not that time of the month. (It hasn't been that time of the month or a long, long time....) so what's the deal? Like right now - I'd probably sell my first born for a Hershey bar! How bad is that?

So I'm going t fill up my water bottle and watch Dr. Phil. Then I'm going to paint the hallway upstairs and hope the craving goes away. Not that I have any chocolate in the house....and I can't find hubby's stash anyway. (yes..I looked.)



RunningNan said...

If you can control how much you have, then eat it.. If you are craving it, it's best to fulfill the craving before you eat a million different things (trust me on this one!)

I remember the 3 minute runs. Those seemed to go quick. It was the week after that I remembered dreading, but then was surprised at how easy it was!

Honi said...

hmm if i had a first born i would probably sell him/her for chocolate lol.. i can relate.. chocolate.. i love it .. lol

Grumpy Chair said...

I was going to say the same thing - if you don't binge on it then have a bite (slowly) and savor it.

Luckily, chocolate isn't a binge item for me but bread and butter - I can't eat because the loaf would be gone!

You are doing so great on the C25K! I love reading about your success with this program.

Thinking Thin said...

You are doing awesome. I hope to some day to have the guts to try to run. I think the last time I really tried running was back in school when we were forced to run around the track and even then I couldn't do one lap. Someday!

Eat the chocolate, in moderation! Is it the texture that you like or just the flavor because you can get those 100 calorie snack thingies that have chocolate mint rice cakes or whatever the heck they are and they taste just like thin mints.

You could always buy the chocolate that you like and allow yourself one a day. If you don't think you can control yourself, have your husband leave you one each day...and he could always make it fun...a little scavenger hunt for your piece of chocolate hehe.

RunningNan said...

ok.. totally check this article out!,7120,s6-242-300--12412-0,00.html

Hanlie said...

I agree with runningnan. Have a little piece and leave it at that. I'm so impressed with your running! Well done!

Linda said...

Thanks for your kind comment Lora (((hugs))) Sorry I haven't been around much!!!

WELL DONE!! On the running, I can't run even without a painful tail bone.

Yep my tail does hurt rather a lot but fortunately I have been told by medical staff that I have a high pain threshold. I once got wrong by hospital staff for not using (I was wasting it as it will end up in the bin...teehee) the Morphine after having an operation in my belly....I say "PHEW" that I do have a high threshold!! Have to say though, I am currently eating painkillers and Ibuprofen which of course are helping. It has been a week and a half now and I am still in some pain but every day I'm sure it is getting better.

Hershey bars, are those the P/Nut Butter cups?? I HATE P/Nut Butter but strangely enough I like the P/Nut Butter cups.


Pattie said...

I relate totally with your running-woes from school days. I hated gym in any form because I just couldn’t keep up.

But look at you now! You're amazing, Lora - and I mean that sincerely. How did you get brave enough to start the C25K?? I keep feeling like I'm too old to start running, but I know we're the same age.

I'm in awe of you, woman!