Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mooving' and Groovin'......

It's Saturday morning and chilly here in Upstate New York. The taste of summer we had the past few weeks has given way to clouds and a cold front. Our weather here always keeps us guessing, that's for sure.

I finished my first week of Cto5K (Actually repeated week one twice because of the groin pain the first week and the sore feet.) I wanted to start fresh with my new sneakers which was a smart thing to do.

The run/walk went well (I actually was looking forward to it!) But my MP3 player died and I had to walk without music which really made a difference. I need to have that music! I was also thrilled to learn from one of my readers that there are podcasts I can down load each week that tell me when to walk & run. How coolis that! So being the technologically challenged idiot that I am (I still have to read the directions on the darn thing just to turn it on) I'm bringing it to my daughter's house tomorrow - when we go there for our Mother' Day brunch - and having her show me how to do it.

I've had a few slip ups this week with my eating - but I'm on track with the exercise and I feel more confident each day that my days as a couch pototato are going to be a thing of the past. I just feel so much better now that I have this old body finally moving regularly and that I've been pushing it past the limits I'd normally set for it. You know, like don't sweat...don't let yourself get out of breath....stop as soon as you feel the slightest bit of fatigue... Great limits, huh? Where was I going with THAT?

Now I feel good that when I'm lifting those weights (and increasing the reps) that I have to push myself to do those last few lifts in each set. And that when I'm in the running phase of my Cto5K - I don't stop as soon as I feel winded - I push past it! And that when I come in from my run/walk my hair is soaking wet on my neck and I need a shower real quick!

There's something about challenging yourself to go farther than you think you can that feels good. Physically as well as mentally. It makes you more aware of your body the rest of the day. And it gives you a feeling of accomplishment that is pretty darn rewarding.

Happy weekend!


RunningNan said...

That is so true about being more aware of your body. It was running that started me on the healthier eating because I didn't want to put garbage in my body after all that hard work.

You are doing fabulous. Don't ever be ashamed to repeat a day, or a week if you need to. Listen to your body and please ask me questions if you have any. I remember as those running times got longer, I thought I would die just looking at the paper. When I got out there, I felt accomplished and on top of the world.

It is such a joy to read your journey through this!

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Lora said...

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