Sunday, May 4, 2008

Living in the Present....

The nostalgia has lifted and I'm back here in 2008. Diana's comment about us becoming better versions of ourselves was just the right medicine! In reality - none of us can stop the clock - or turn it back. But that doesn't mean what's here and now - or yet to be - isn't going to be just as grand!

For a while there (before I started blogging) I'd settled myself nicely into this little rut who's mantra're're're out of shape physically....but that happens so deal with it. I was actually almost proud that I had "embraced" my fate. How stupid is that?

I don't know how many years I have left on this earth (only God knows that) but while I'm here I'm not going to settle into such self-defeating logic anymore!

I'm not old! I'm only 50 for crying out loud! I read some of my favorite bloggers who are in their twenties and remember those days vividly and how quickly they came and went. I sure packed a lot of living into those years! What will I say of this decade? That I spent it wishing I was twenty again? Heck no! Time passes way too quickly to waste it on wishful thinking.

I'm learning to be a runner. I'm focusing more on healthy eating. I'm becoming more of a participant in life instead of an observer. I may have a few wrinkles and a some gray hairs. I can get rid of them if I want (but I won't.) I've earned them! But what I can get rid of is the flabby muscles and the attitude that this is what happens to a woman's body when she hits middle age. Because it's NOT! It only is if you let it. Which I have - and which I intend to change!

A better version of myself? YES! Because Ive learned over the years that beauty is only skin deep. True beauty comes from within. At the core of who you are. How you treat others. How you treat yourself.

Mae West used to say (do my younger readers remember her?)

Your looks will hold 'em the first five minutes. After that you're on your own!

Almost forgot - I bought my new running shoes yesterday and I will try them out this afternoon with the girls. Wish me luck!


RunningNan said...

Yay for shoes! I know that this decade for you will be "I am HOT!"

Hanlie said...

That's the spirit! I believe we are called to live our best lives, not compare ourselves mercifully to others.

Grumpy Chair said...

I feel the same way regarding your "Memory Lane" post. I read it Friday and wanted to think about it before I posted a comment. I'm glad Diana had words of wisdom. (She's the best).

I like your idea of turning your negative thoughts into positives.

I think once you begin to love yourself, I bet it just shows through (I'm going to work on this too).

Thank you for a great post.

Good luck with the new kicks.

Manuela said...

I like that--we're retro! Good luck with the running shoes. I really like my pair of Adidas (no blisters!)

I hope that 50 will be even better than 40--it's all a state of mind.

jj said...

LOVE your attitude! And needed a boost myself, so a huge thank you!

Honi said...

yay for shoes.. and yay for better version of ourselves..enjoy your running..