Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's been a busy few days. Youngest daughter came in from Massachusetts and we went on a wild frenzy getting ready for the bridal shower which was last night. It was so nice!

We held it in a very nice lodge at a local park and the theme was lilacs (which our city is famous for this time of year ~ we hold a Lilac Festival that people come from everywhere to attend.) So....we had lilac table cloths, lilac balloons, lilac favors, lilac streamers and of course - LILACS everywhere! It smelled so wonderful in there!

So daughter just stepped out for a while to visit her in-laws (her hubby stayed in Massachusetts) and I have a few free minutes to catch up on mail and blogs.

I didn't have time to do my scheduled Cto5K yesterday (worked all day & then straight to the shower) but I'm making it up today (as soon as I finish this post actually) so I'll still have my 3 runs in this week.

So here's the motivational thing that happened to me yesterday that knocked my socks off and convinced me more than ever that I was meant to do this Cto5K! I subbed for a teacher in the school I taught in 2 years ago. As I walked to her room I mused how it was still in the same place it was then - far away from the art room where I taught. I recalled how she was always on my case about wanting me to walk her kids half way back to her classroom (and meeting her) because it was sooo far. And I would bristle at that because number one - I had no passing time between classes - as hers were leaving my next crew was arriving - and because well....she was pretty overweight and the walk frankly, would have done her some good. (I know..not nice but that's what I was thinking at the time...)

So as I enter her room (I was covering for her a half day and she was still there) I couldn't believe this was the same woman! She was thin! And in shape! I thought perhaps I was in the wrong room. But nope. This was her! Anyway - she left and as I was looking around the classroom I noticed some posters on the wall. Of her. Doing triathlons! My gosh -this woman had become an athlete! And in the several posters (they were a collage type poster with the triathlon name at the top and a picture of her during each event - swimming, biking and running.) She was still somewhat overweight in the oldest one - and a bit lighter in the subsequent one which was last year. And now! She's even thinner! All I could think of was how she did this great thing and did it while she was still overweight - busting the myth that we have to be in perfect shape to be athletes. She did it and kept at it and now she looks amazing!!

I want to be like her! The fat lady who complained about walking her kids down the hall - to the in shape woman who now does triathlons!! Okay - honestly I doubt I'll ever do a triathlon (hey ya' never know) but I WILL run a 5K and eventually a 10K. I'm going to do it! I've got about 12 years on her - but that's okay. She became my hero yesterday and I won't soon forget the way she took charge of her life and changed it for the better!

So -I'm off to do my final Cto5K for this week! Thanks for all the encouragement from you guys! It makes me want to do it all the more!

I'll catch up on blogs when I get back and see how you're all doing!

Happy Saturday!


RunningNan said...

How awesome! That must've made you just want to do flips! Isn't it great when you see someone just transform like that. I doubt I would ever do a triathalon (not a swimmer by any means.. I sink) but It's not stopping me from anything else. I can't wait to hear how you continue on!

RunningNan said...

oh, and it was an article on about chocolate. I can't find it right now... I'll get it!

Hanlie said...

I love hearing about people transforming their lives! Great story and wonderful inspiration!

Have a good weekend!

Grumpy Chair said...

I love reading runner blogs because it is amazing how many of those lanky skinny athletic men/women were once overweight!

Lora you will be running in that 10K in no time. I love how inspiration just shows up to help guide us along on this journey.

Hope you had a great training session and have a wonderful weekend.

MaryFran said...

How motivational to see a transformation like that...and in person!

Scale Junkie said...

I just LOVED reading this story! You know she transformed her life and now you're transforming your life, I'm inspired by you, look at you out there RUNNING, did you think a year ago you'd be a runner because thats what you are now, you're a runner! Wooohooooo!!!

Andrew is getting fit said...

You can do it I'm sure!

Fun and my diet said...

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CactusFreek said...

I love lilacs! We have a lilac tree on the side of our house and i wait for it to bloom every spring!