Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Well my muscles finally realized what I did to them on Saturday and they are not real happy. But I'm pushing through it and counting each ache as a positive thing. I've also clipped a pedometer to my waist.

Those of you you who caught "I Can Make You Thin" Sunday night will understand why. (a small disclaimer here...I think the guy on that show is pretty hokey...and some of his ideas are...well...out there - but he does have a few good thoughts that I've Incorporated into my life these past few weeks that are making a difference.) And I believe the pedometer tip will be one of them. He said (and I'm paraphrasing because I can remember his exact words) "If you measure it ~ it will get done." And he's right! Since I clipped that little baby onto my pants -Ive made a conscious effort to walk more steps. I didn't do so well yesterday (the first day...) which was a real eye opener as to how few steps I actually take. And as to WHY taking a daily 30 minute walk is needed if I want to make 10,000 steps each day!

He also said that the difference between a heavy person and a thin person is about 2000 daily steps. That sounds hard to believe...but it makes sense. So I'm striving to add more and more steps each day until I reach 10,000 and keep it up consistently. And that means I MUST incorporate a walk every day!

Right now it's 4:00 pm and I've logged 4577 so far. Much better than yesterday (you'd have to visit the other blog to see the actual steps) in my menopausal haze I've completely forgotten but I know it was less than today!

So I'm eating slower....on a smaller plate...wearing a pedometer and making an effort to be more active. Hence the hike next Sunday. I think this one is about 4 1/2 miles. Sharron asked how long it took us for the 7 1/ mile one last Saturday. And you know..I haven't a clue! We never really looked at our watches before we left. And we never stopped yakking the whole walk! Which is why it didn't seem so long! (I really hate walking alone....boring!)

So I hope you guys are all doing well. Finding your mojo and hanging in there. Tonight I WILL NOT miss the Biggest Loser again! Happy Tuesday and don't forget to check into the Healthy You Challenge!


briy said...

I've wanted a pedometer for ages. My mom and best friend both use them, and find them extremely useful, and I'm always so curious as to how many steps I actually take in a day. But, I'm not sure where I could get one here in Korea. Hmm. I also always wondered how exactly they work...

But I definitely agree with that "If you count it, it'll increase" idea, and I'm glad you're getting some good stuff out of the show (I haven't seen it). I'm sure you can get to those 10,000 steps! Good luck, and have a great week! :)

Take care!

Honi said...

You know I did so good in Israel walking 5-7 miles a day and yes I was exhausted and achey by the end of the day but i did it..I need that back... in some form. good for you for just doing it!!!

Rose said...

Yay pedometer!

It takes a while to get there but once you, you'll wonder how you ever did any less.

I know you'll get there before you know it!!!


Cammy said...

Wow, you're really pushing on this walking thing! Good for you!

(watching TBL as I type this. Mark's crying again. *G*)

In the sky, above the clouds said...

Gee...I think I'd be embarrassed as well with how many steps I take each day. Thanks for bringing this up.

Have a great week!

Erin said...

I've been considering the pedometer for a while, I need to go shopping!

P.S. I tagged pole lady (http://takeonestripperpole.blogspot.com/2008/04/gauntlet-has-been-thrown.html)
and Saucha girl (http://mybodyforlife2008.blogspot.com/)
to be the next for Q/A...so go ask them some totally awesome questions!!!!

And there is something waiting for you on my blog!

Grumpy Chair said...

Yesterday while doing chores around the house and walking back and forth between the family room and the kids' rooms, it dawned on me: I need to strap on a pedometer!"

Thanks for the reminder.

When my muscles are sore (not too sore) from a workout, I know I'm on the right path.

Hanlie said...

Well done on all the walking! You'll see a difference in your body soon - and I don't mean aches and pains!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your walking! Great exercise & you'll make your goal in no time!