Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Pics....or my life in 75 pounds!

Okay - I'm having a hard time getting the white borders from around my scanned pics so bear with me. (Thanks for offering to help Diana - but I think it needed to be done while they were scanned (my scanner is the worst!) If you clikc on them - they will enlarge.
I cannot find many shots of me as a kid. My dad always took slides. So we've jumped from age 3 to age 17!

First one is me at the party after my senior prom.
The next is at age 20 - when I started dating my late husband.

Third is me at age 22. I was puppy sitting for my sister...helped myself to a Pina Colada while I was there!
Next is on my wedding day in 1981.
The retro pic wasn't really taken in the 60's! We hosted a 60's party and this was my get up. This was after I lost the baby weight from daughter number 2.
Following that is Easter - in the early 90's I believe. The pudge was starting to creep back on. (I remember being afraid to breathe in that dress!)
The next is in the late 90's. I had gained and lost about 25 pounds between those pics (notice the booty that always hung on!)
From then on it was all down hill. The next is a shot of me and my sisters on a Cruise in 2003. Oink.

The last is a shot from the Oprah website.
So you can see - I wasn't always heavy. (Though I thought I was at the time.) So in theory this shouldn't be difficult for me (with my prior history of yo-yo dieting.) BUT IT IS!!!!!

I presently weigh 75 more pounds than I did in that first pic!


Mama Bear June said...

Fun photos!

If your scanner is at all like mine, once you scan the photo, before you "accept" it, you should be able to drag the border to fit the photo. See if you can grab one of the corners to shrink the white box down to just fit around the photo. Hopefully this makes sense. I have two scanners and they both work that way.

Or, you can use a program like Photoshop to crop off the white. I have the Memory Manager from Creative Memories and it's really easy to use for editing.
Path to Health

Lora said...

Thanks for the tip...I'll keep experimenting with it!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Lora, I'm a long-time reader (uhhh...lurker), but I just had to de-lurk to say that I think you are a very beautiful woman, no matter the age or weight. I love your positive 'can-do' attitude! You inspire me to keep trying harder and to never give up. Thanks for sharing your pics!

Grumpy Chair said...

Great photo bio. How pretty you are and you have the prettiest blue eyes.

Scale Junkie said...

wow, gorgeous through the years. If you would have emailed them to me, I could have cropped the white and emailed them back, hopefully you'll find the crop button for future scans, just keep experimenting its a great way to learn.

Cammy said...

Am I the only one who thinks these pictures are great? I would commit a minor felony for your eyes. :)

Ruthie said...

Lora, you are so beautiful...then and now!!

CactusFreek said...

I love the second one of you! What a hottie!
With that wedding one, i don't know if you realised, but there's a man up your dress!! lol
You look miserable in the Oprah shot, and not at all like your cheeky looking self as in the one above it, or your avatar!

Hanlie said...

You are beautiful no matter what weight or age you are! Really, these are lovely pictures of a life worth living!

RunningNan said...

about your knees.. Have you been fitted yet for running shoes? go to a specialty running store and get fitted. It's not going to be an awful experience. They know what they are doing and are happy to help. They won't look down at you at all. Look on google for a running store near you!

thenextinstallment said...

Hi Lora-
I gave you an award (that you already have!) on my blog.

Thanks for being an inspiration!


Randilin said...

Wow what a powerful motivation tool you have in that collection of pictures. Am so camera shy personally I would be hard pressed to find that many pictures of me from over the years.

Thinking Thin said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing and I have to agree with the others here. You are a beautiful woman and you are doing great!