Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back to Reality...

I'm back from the lake. What glorious weather! Even though it's only April - it felt like summer! It was pretty quiet - there are only a handful of year-rounders that live there and I only saw two other seasonal cottages with any people stirring.

We raked up the fallen twigs and pine cones from the winter and put out all the lawn & deck furniture. There was no evidence of mice (yay!) Hubby spent the better part of his time there on the dock - dangling a fishing pole in the water. I took my first walk of the year around the lake solo. I couldn't find my pedometer in the morning so I couldn't measure the steps! When I got back from my walk I spied it under the table on the deck. It must've have fallen off me the night before.

We got home around 5:00 yesterday and then went over to the other house to have a campfire with hubby's sister and her husband. I am in such a different frame of mind when the summer weather arrives! I hate all the snow and cold and sunless days these Upstate New York winters bring. Of course this unseasonal warmth right now is certainly just a teaser and the temperatures will dip back to normal in a few days. But for right now - I'm lovin' it!

Not sure where the girls and I will walk tomorrow. Still trying to round the crew up. My sister and her daughter are going to do the couch to 5K regime (or something similar) and I'm going to join them. Just hope my knee can take it. It doesn't hurt when I walk but if I bump it (even slightly) the pain is wicked! I don't know much about knee injuries. I'm thinking I just bruised it pretty good in the tumble I took last week. I'll try running and if it hurts I'll just do a very fast walk!

Enjoy the weekend and stay healthy (eat healthy!)


Pattie said...

Ahhhh - just looking at that photo slows my breathing and helps me feel relaxed! I'm so glad you could go and enjoy.

I saw a sign once in a catalog: "If you're lucky enough to have a cottage on the lake, you're lucky enough!" :-)

Hanlie said...

That looks like a slice of heaven, Lora! Absolute bliss!

Scale Junkie said...

WOW, that just makes me feel so calm and serene! I could just go hiking for MILES in with that scenery. Be sure and take your camera when you do.