Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Moring Coffee and a Good Walk!

This morning my sister met me at the new house and after a quick tour of our building progress thus far - we took off for a 5 mile hike along the Erie canal. (We were the only two shows this morning.) The weather was primo! Sunny skies - a nice breeze - couldn't ask for more! We stopped in the little port town half way and got a cup of coffee (we met at 8:30 - needed one more cup of joe to get moving!) I got an english muffin and she got some toast. (We hadn't eaten breakfast yet.)

It was good to sit across the table from her with a cup of coffee and chat. The years have drifted us apart from the joined at the hip duo we once were when the kids were little. Both stay at home moms, we talked on the phone every day. We took the kids to the park - worked out at jazzercize while they were in pre-school - sat in our cars and drank coffee while we waited for them at their dance lessons - and spent many, many days sipping coffee and talking while the kids did whatever it is cousins do when they get together!

Our husbands were best friends before they met either one of us. I actually introduced her to hers - and she to mine. So we did vacations together, went camping all the time and got together almost every Sunday to just hang out.

Then mom & dad died. A month apart. And my sister found her self drowning in a deep depression. She left her husband and things got tense between us. She broke up the fearsome foursome and I was angry. Then my husband died and things were never quite the same. We have both since remarried and while our new husbands get along fine - it's not the same as it once was. But slowly we have mended the rift and things are getting back to normal. As normal as they can be anyway. It will never be the same - those days are long gone. The kids have grown, we both work now and the 10 minute drive between us has lengthened to 30 minutes.

So this morning felt good. Real good.

My foot is feeling almost normal again and tomorrow I will commence my couch to 5k once again. I'm taking Running Nan's advice and looking for a quality pair of sneakers to wear. I'm sure that will help a lot! I'm also listening to all of you and saying "Who cares how I look!" I'm going to consider my daily trek as my gift of laughter to the neighborhood!

I've also done very well with my weights! Lifting every other day and really feeling the strength in my upper arms come to the challenge as I carry wood, push wheelbarrows and shovel mulch - as we try to get this house in shape to sell!

Right now the rain has finally arrived and thunder is rolling in the very near distance so I'd be best to cut off the power to my PC till it passes. Hope y'all have a great Saturday! get out there and move!

Oh and Hanlie ....I'm still looking for the perfect postcard!


RunningNan said...

With the right shoe, you can run forever! I'm happy that you and your sister are getting together more often. Life always seems to hand you some crazy twists and turns. I guess it's just so we can prove to ourselves just how strong we really are!

Kathy said...

There's nothing like a sister! Sounds like you have been through some sad times...I hope there will be many good times ahead for both of you.

jenima said...

Glad things are getting better between you and you had a good run

Scale Junkie said...

I listened to RunningNan about the shoes and I'm so glad I did.

I read the story about your sister and I'm glad you're building a new relationship on fresh foundation. Cherish it for what it is and try not to compare it to what was.

Pattie said...

What a nice post, Lora. Makes me miss my sister all the more. We live 800 miles apart now, but she's still one of my dearest friends. I'm glad you're reconnecting to yours, after all you've been through.

BRAVO to you on all the exercise!! You go, girl!

Thinking Thin said...

Sounds like you have had a rough time but am happy to hear that you and your sister are heading in the right direction.

Here's to happy times!

Hanlie said...

I think it just happens in life that we drift apart from our siblings and then draw closer again. I'm glad you're finding common ground...

Yours has been posted!

Grumpy Chair said...

I'm the middle sister (have an older sister and a younger one) and have no relationship with either of them. One is a self absorbed children's writer, the other is just self-absorbed! But I'm glad to know maybe one day later on in life, we could have a chance to be "sisters" again.

Your weekend hikes sound fun and good luck on the C25K training.

Mama Bear June said...

Oh, I'm so glad you are back with your sister. I can't imagine being estranged from mine. Sending hugs and prayers for many more happy moments over a cup of coffee.
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